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UPDATE: WINNER DECLARED! Kate’s Welcome to Downton has won this heat! Kate’s creation will now move on to the finals – Friday, December 20, 2013.

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Here is your fourth grouping of sweet ginger creations! Cast your vote at the bottom of the post!

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Faye and Bella’s Candy Wonderland

Faye & Bella's Candy Wonderland

Faye & Bella's Candy Wonderland 2

Our next entry comes from Faye (one of my students) and her younger sister, Bella. Bella is this year’s youngest Ginger competitor.

We’ve gone through a lot of squabbles while making this house, so we hope you like it and that it’s a hit! haha 🙂

We used a variety of sugars for the snow, and there is a little skating rink and a path for the little ginger people to frolic on! There’s also a small pond in the back behind ginger Santa.

So have a nice day and good luck to the other contestants!


Faye and Bella

Lemme begin by telling you that building stuff – any stuff – with a sister is way hard. Two other competitors in this Ginger grouping actually dumped their ginger partners this year (see below). So, the fact that you survived, submitted photographic evidence of your survival, and are still incredibly polite, is testament to the power of Ginger. Now, let’s take look at that pathway, shall we? Do you girls have summer jobs? Because if you could install something like this in my front yard, I’d pay you tens of dollars.

I really like the pond behind ginger Santa – nice touch. The snow, the candy detailing, the marshmallow snowbanks – totally awesome. The little skating rink is oh-so Canadian! And then there’s that snowman lurking behind the tree…

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Cassie and Dan’s Ice House

Cassie & Dan's Ice House

Cassie & Dan's Ice House 2

Cassie and Dan sent the following message along with their sugary entry:


This is the ice house. Built by cold hands in frigid conditions. Be ware of the grumpy snowman. And smurf near the tree keep your eye on the owl. 

Cassie & Dan 

I want you to read that last sentence again:

And smurf near the tree keep your eye on the owl.

What the? What the heck does that sentence mean?

I see the owl. I do not see the smurf. Where is the surf? Wait… is it that teeny-tiny blue head by the little house? The house by the liquorice tree? I think it is! Wait… what… what is the owl doing? Is the owl… is it going to eat… IS THE OWL PLANNING TO EAT THE SMURF? SMURF NEAR THE TREE KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE OWL!!! SMURF NEAR THE TREE KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE OWL!

(Aaaaaand now I understand.)

People, my body runs on sugar. When you build me a house out of sugar cubes, it makes me incredibly happy.  Throw in some liquorice and little sugary presents? MONEY.

You may remember Cassie and Dan from Ginger 2011 (in which they may have submitted a ginger meth lab) and Ginger 2012 (in which they added a random dinosaur to their creation). I’m only just noticing that this year’s entry might not actually contain any gingerbread. Whatevs. Cassie and Dan don’t need your stupid rules – they’ve got a killer owl on their side.

* * *

Kate’s Welcome to Downton

Kate's Welcome to Downton

Kate's Welcome to Downton 2

You might remember Kate from every other year of Ginger (2010, 2011, 2012). She used to be one of my students, but now she teaches alongside me. She’s got an Etsy shop or two, and she’s one of the coolest gals I know. Kate usually teams up with friends, but this year she dumped ’em and is competing solo. This year, Kate means business.

Kate wrote:

My entry is entitled “Welcome to Downton” and is dedicated to all Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle Fans. It is possibly the most glorious thing I have ever made. And as usual, since I am not a professional photographer the photos do not do it justice, but I did my best! My version of Downton Abbey in winter has nearly 100 candy glass windows and I have tried to accurately recreate the scale of Highclere Castle and and the look of the front door and entrance gate. The trees are hand dyed melted candy decorated with silver dragees. The path is made with elegant black and white mints from Robertson’s Candy. I hope you like it!

WHAT THE HELLS? You hope I like it? YOU HOPE I LIKE IT? I’d maim for it! No lie. 100 candy glass windows? That’s my favourite kind of window!! This castle IS glorious. It’s huge! And yet, so, so, pretty! Look at the trees! They look like they’d be very tasty. I’m loving the Roberston’s Candy pathway. Robertson’s is a Nova Scotian classic – every house in this province should be using it for curb appeal! The classic white detailing perfectly compliments this bonkers awesome structure.

Um, Kate? This probably isn’t the best time to break this news to you, but… uh… I’ve never seen Downton Abbey. I know, I know…

* * *

Scott’s Winter Disasterscape

Robot Scott's Winter Disasterscape

Robot Scott's Winter Disasterscape 2

You guys know Scott. He’s part robot, part dude. And he normally competes with his partner, Katherine of Eggton. They were finalists last year. But, I guess losing to The Yehlings’ Buckingham Palace was the final straw, ‘cuz he dumped Katherine’s ginger ass this year, and decided to compete solo.

Robot Scott sent the following message with his entry:

Dear Movster:

Here’s my ginger winter disasterscape.

Most monster movies are pretty unrealistic, I think – because no 300-foot tall monster is going to chomp a skyscraper when they could nosh on a perfectly good Kellogg’s factory just up the road.  So I aimed to show the kind of city that a Marshmallow Monster or a King Lizard might ACTUALLY like to eat: a Snack Metropolis.  Gingerbread skyscrapers, fondant roads, and caramel sidewalks would make even Godzilla salivate, right?  But with a broccoli forest, even Mama Mothra has something to be happy about. And that’s something we can all enjoy!  (Just don’t tell her that the lakes are candy, too!)


Robot Scott

P.S.: The buildings light up with LED powers, and the Marshmallow Man is shooting electroluminescent burnbeams from his face. (Apologies if that was obvious.)

Of course I noticed the electroluminescent burnbeams! It’s not freaking 1832, Robot Scott! Also, I’ve got my entire house lit up with LED powers.

All monster movie sets should be made this way. Think of the production savings – at the end of filming, the crew could just EAT THE SET. See ya later, exorbitant catering costs!

That said, I don’t know where I’d start. As in: I don’t know where to start eating. The sidewalks look very tasty, but I’m a sucker for lollipop street lights. Marshmallows are one of my most favourite treats, but that long snot-string coming from the Marshmallow Monster is a throwing me off. Oh, wait! That’s an electroluminescent beam! Never-mind.

* * *

Michelle’s Sweet Mansion

Michelle's Sweet Mansion

Michelle's Sweet Mansion 2

Michelle sent the following information with her entry:

This is a house that I made for the Discover Portsmouth (NH) Victorian Gingerbread House Contest.

I attempted to enter 2 contests this year, but this is the only house that made it!

Portsmouth is a bigger city near the little town I live in and I thought “what the hell” I’ll give it a try!

Alright, WHO WOULDN’T LET MICHELLE PLAY GINGER WITH THEM? Uncool, competition organizers. Uncool.

Second, Portsmouth is obviously way awesome, and clearly has a better understanding of all things ginger.

And third, I can’t tell you how much I’m loving the royal icing all over this mansion. Icicles galore! Also, there’s a tree on the walk-about! (2.0 won’t let me put a tree on our roof.) Classic Christmas colours, a magnificently styled roof, and hundreds of details to captivate the imagination. The candy cane porch supports are enough to make me want to embark on a home renovation!

Michelle, you can come play Ginger with us anytime.

* * *

Cast your vote below! Polls will close at 8 am AST, Friday, December 20, 2013.

The winner from this grouping will go on to compete in the finals on Friday, December 20th. Repeat voters are blocked by cookie and IP address. For more information on how the voting will go down, click here.


  1. Stacy on December 19, 2013 at 8:32 am

    As always, I am in awe of the ginger awesomeness that is Ginger 2013. What a fabulous group of competitors! There are more than a few houses I’d love to move into, never mind eat.

  2. Rock Salt on December 19, 2013 at 10:20 am

    I had to vote for Scott Robot because otherwise in the future he’ll send his robot army to get me buuuuuut LOOK AT DOWNTON ABBEY OK I’ve got that out of my system. Kate, it is gorgeous! The ice house – that’s thinking outside the box. Cube. And the candy wonderland! Oh the fun afternoons you could spend there!

    You guys – job’s a goodun.

  3. Willow @ Will Cook For Friends on December 19, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Never seen Downton?! Actually, that’s okay. I’m not mad. That gingerbread downton castle, though, is seriously epic. I love how accurate it is. I feel like if I got to see it in person, I would feel like i was on the set of season three. For reals.

  4. Amy on December 19, 2013 at 10:40 am

    Seriously, this year’s entries are out of this world! I love Downton!!!…especially the choco covered pretzel decorations on top 🙂

  5. Carol Waddle on December 19, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Gotta go with Downton – BTW, I’ve never seen it, either!!!

  6. tasia on December 19, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    Scott Robot!!

  7. Stephbo on December 20, 2013 at 12:05 am

    I’m all about the simple this year, so I went with the youngsters. While I agree that Kate’s Downton Abbey is fabulous beyond words, it was a little too reminiscent of Buckingham Palace for me. Although it’s clear from looking at her previous stuff that Kate’s former teammates were holding her back. She is a ginger genius!

  8. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef on December 20, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Holy cow! I’m overwhelmed with the talent you’ve amassed. I’ve been so busy in my own world (getting J’s mother into dementia care this week) that I nearly missed out on voting. I love this feature!

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  10. movita beaucoup on September 7, 2015 at 7:56 am

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