pumpkin carve-off 2014 ~ group 2

Behold! Your second set of pumpkin masterpieces. I like to call this grouping Nature’s Bounty. Cast your vote at the bottom of the post to help determine the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice Prize!

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lady tofu’s superstar magical hedgehog

lady tofu's pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

lady tofu's pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

Lady Tofu writes:

Here is my entry for the pumpkin carving contest. It is a hedgehog. I apologize for the graininess of the photos, we are weird and don’t have a digital camera or Smart phones, and the iPad doesn’t seem to take the best photos.

At this point in the email, I’m thinking: I wonder if Lady Tofu uses Facebook. So I did a search of how many people don’t use facebook, and it turns out that if you don’t use it, people are highly suspicious of you. But I digress. She goes on to say:

We found this pumpkin at a pick your own patch (pumpkin). We were also being nosy and wanted to look in her barn. Lucy was very nice and let us see. THEN…..we spied a pile of tarps in the corner…..and underneath it was MY DREAM TABLE!! I have never owned a table because I have been holding out for nine years for just the right one…fo’ real…. If I had not gone in search of a pumpkin in a muddy muddy field….I would have never found that table!! So thank you so much for having the contest!!!

FINALLY. Proof that I am making the world and YOUR LIVES better. Are you guys wondering where Lady Tofu has been eating on all this time? Me too. Where does she put her stuff? 2.0 and I have MULTIPLE tables. All covered with our crap.

Now, look at that hedgehog! Look at its adorable nose, fur spikes and sparkling eyes! Wait. Is that hedgehog sitting on a table? Is that the table from the pumpkin patch? It doesn’t even look dirty! No matter. That hedgehog is perfection!

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patty d.’s dastardly flower

patty d.'s pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

patty d.'s pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

Patty writes:

Heya, Movita, Thought I’d give this a stab this year. I’ve been wanting to enter either the Pumpkin carve-off or Ginger since my chocolate-chocolate cake entry didn’t win for your birthday cake, in order to wreak my revenge. So I’m launching my dastardly plan with a pretty flower. I call my entry “Squash Blossom.” (See what I did there?) 

Yah. I see what you did there. You’re gunna squash the competition, right? Or stab ’em…

This became a flower when I discovered a big ol’ soft spot on the center of the one side. Necessity is a mother; blah, blah, blah; you know the drill. So the soft spot became the center of the flower, and the rest grew from there. This is the first pumpkin I’ve freehand drawn that wasn’t a face, and my first big attempt at that whole partial carving thing. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I hope the esteemed, extremely good-looking judging panel likes it too!  (I am not above kissing up.)  

This is exactly the sort of pumpkin that Martha Stewart would like. (Except she’d kill an employee if they brought her a pumpkin with a soft spot.) It’s absolutely gorgeous. Nature on nature. (Or something that sounds less dirty.) It’s perfectly carved and absolutely gorgeous when lit up. The little vines trailing away from the blossom? Brilliant addition.

Patty, I just realized that I neglected to title your entry Squash Blossom. Please don’t punch me in my soft spot.

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lan & dw’s éléphant (that’s elephant in french)

lan & dw's pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

lan & dw's pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

Lan writes:

this here is my entry for your pumpkin carve off 2014. as some people may know, i am an elephant lover. so i made dw carve an elephant for me on our pumpkin. it’s not a scary carving, but what is scary is the number of elephants being slaughtered for their ivory, or turned into slaves for the asian logging industry, or manipulated for human entertainment at circuses. 

i will get off my soapbox, i just wanted to bring awareness to the situation. as well as get pity/awwwww/political votes. 

happy halloween!

You may remember Lan from Bake My Cake 2013. Or perhaps you remember her from Pumpkin Carve-Off 2012. She’s like an elephant: unforgettable. No, wait. She has a good memory. Like an elephant. Anyhoo, look at that gourd! So delicate, yet powerful. (Like Lan when she flies through the air ninja style.) I love the use of fine lines, DW, and I can only imagine how hard it was to execute. This is one of those entries that makes me think I should practice carving pumpkins more. And then I cut three triangles in a bigass squash and say, “maybe next year.”

I’ll tell ya this: I’m never gunna forget how awesome this pumpkin is.

{You can read Lan’s blog here. I promise there will be lots of pretty pictures.}

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katherine, scott & karen’s squirrel bait

the eggton pumpkin | movitabeaucoup.com

Katherine writes:

Dear Movita,

This pumpkin is by Katherine, Scott and our friend Karen. Ironically, as soon as we put it out by the front door, it was eaten by squirrels (illiterate ones, apparently). Our suburban neighbors later said we should have slathered vaseline all over it to keep the squirrels away. To which we replied “WHAT?” about twenty times.

Have you heard of this? Have you ever massaged vaseline into a squash? Because I haven’t. I can’t remember to put eye cream on my own face at night, so chances that I will hydrate my outdoor Halloween decorations are not looking good.

Yes, Katherine, I have heard of this – because this is an educational competition. Thanks to Natalie and Aaron, we have learned that peppermint soap rots pumpkins, and a potent combination of petroleum jelly and bleach preserves them. Also, now we know that squirrels like pumpkins (and maybe craft paint). But don’t worry. You are not the only competitor to be thwarted by the nature. About 50% of this year’s competitors will not have pumpkins on their porches this year due to rot, structural deficiencies, and/or squirrels. And can you blame those squirrels? It’s like when a server says, “don’t touch that plate, it’s very hot.” YOU’VE GOTTA TOUCH IT.

Still. I love this pumpkin. I’d stand on gourd for it.

{You can read Katherine’s blog here. It regularly features dogs, and dogs really like squirrels.}
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  1. Lady Tofu on October 31, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    That is the table we found in the barn at the pumpkin patch!!!! It was well protected by the mountain of tarps and furniture on top of it, so the only thing on it when we pulled back the tarps was a sleepy ladybug…eek….a sign that it was THE table!!!! Am I talking too much about the table?…..it’s 8 feet with a live edge….

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