movita beaucoup

I’m movita beaucoup. Some people call me Rachael. I hope you’ll like kickin’ it here with me.

I am a full-time part-time ballet teacher living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I grew up in this province. I love it – most people here do. I’ve lived here for most of my life, except for some time spent in Toronto. I have an English degree, and I graduated from the Teacher Training Program at Canada’s National Ballet School many years back. I graduated from baking school in June 2013.

This blog is only sort of about food. It’s also about pictures, dancing, and other nerdy stuff. The recipes on this blog are usually a post-script to a long story I’ve decided to lay on you. We’re talkin’ a whole lotta movita with a bit of butter and sugar thrown in. (I just high-fived myself.) Also, I think you’ll find I’ve got some pretty funny readers. Scroll through the comments. You won’t regret it.

We’re into homestyle cookin’ in these here parts – the tried and true and nuthin’ fancy. Un-apologetically butter laden and loaded with sugar. You might not like eating the way we do, but I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here nonetheless.

I also host some wicked awesome competitions:

These little battles are WAY FUN. I hope you might consider sending in an entry – and letting complete strangers judge you. You could win a not-very-fancy prize!

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Disclaimer: This website runs on butter and sugar

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