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movita beaucoup: pretty things for potty mouths

I’m movita beaucoup. Some people call me Rachael. I hope you’ll like kickin’ it here with me.

I am a writer, baker and ballet teacher living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I grew up in this province. I love it – most people here do. I’ve lived here for most of my life, except for some time spent in Toronto. I have an English degree, and graduated from the Teacher Training Program at Canada’s National Ballet School many years back. I graduated from baking school in June 2013. I live with my partner, 2.0.

This used to be a food blog, but now? It ain’t. (I’m sure you’ll get over it.) This blog is a medley of the things I like: ballet, baking, crafting, and tall tales. If you don’t enjoy stories about poop, you should probably move on. But if you like cats, cursing and the occasional cake? Well, we’ll get along just fine. Have a sense of humour and the ability to lighten up? Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. (I think you’ll find I’ve got some pretty funny readers. Scroll through the comments. You won’t regret it.)


Sorry, I don’t do product reviews or allow guest posting on my blog. 




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