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famous ballets explained (kind of) // la bayadère // movita beaucoup

la bayadère: act I, scene II

In a room in his palace, the Rajah Dugmanta, head of the principality, has decided to reward his favourite warrior, Solor, for his bravery. A gift card seems too impersonal, so the Rajah decides to give Solor his daughter, Gamzatti. When the Rajah tells Gamzatti she’s becoming a trophy wife (literally), and that she’ll be marrying a complete stranger, she’s a little concerned. Concerned […]

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famous ballets explained (kind of) // la bayadère // movita beaucoup

la bayadère: act I, scene I

Solor – a noble warrior Nikiya – a temple dancer (aka bayadère) Gamzatti – the Rajah’s (ruler’s) daughter Magedaveya – a fakir (devoted follower of the temple) The High Brahmin – the high priest of the temple Rajah Dugmanta of Golconda – Gamzatti’s dad and ruler of Golconda . . . Our story begins at nightfall, just outside an ancient temple in India. A gaggle of warriors, led by Solor, have returned from the hunt of a great tiger. Solor, […]

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crap // movita beaucoup

crap no. 17

Promising your readers that you’ll be back on September 1st, and then spending six months doing jack all to prepare, may not have been the best idea in the history of ideas. Though entirely motivated to step away from the white noise that is food blogging, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the (self-imposed) pressure to do something unique with […]

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on celebratory gestures | movita beaucoup

on celebratory gestures

Since September 2008, I have listened to 2.0 grumble about Phil Mickelson. For those of you who don’t hear his name hissed from between clenched teeth regularly, Phil Mickelson is a professional golfer. And 2.0 loathes him. When you live with a golfer, you learn a lot about the game. The first thing I learned was: when […]

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