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family snapshots // movita beaucoup

family snapshots: the explorers

This is one of my most favourite family photos. That’s Rosie Beaucoup and the Beaucoup children exploring Whale Cove in 1981. My dad took the photo. I turned in my studio keys yesterday; the curtain lowers on twenty-four years of sweat, laughter and tears. Bill Beaucoup is retiring in two weeks, and my sister is leaving her job to […]

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ballet explained: coppélia // movita beaucoup

ballet explained: coppélia, act 2

READ ACT 1 HERE The curtain rises on Doctor Coppélius’ house. Inside the dimly lit workshop, Swanilda and her friends investigate the space which is filled with life-sized mechanical dolls. Like the characters in any decent horror movie, the girls ignore the stench of heartbreak and desperation, and lack the good sense to flee before being discovered. Instead, they wind up the […]

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marooned // movita beaucoup


In the 1980s, the Red Cross ran a water safety program which aimed to make Canadians safer in, on, and around the water. Certified instructors led countless children through a program of swimming lessons which consisted of eight levels, each marked by a coloured badge. Lessons started at the yellow level and progressed to orange, […]

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most unlikely // movita beaucoup

most unlikely

Like any other decent high school, mine had a well-established social hierarchy. The members of TOTS (Top of the Stairs) had long ruled the school. Mostly twelfth graders, with a smattering of popular tenth and eleventh grade students, TOTS were as cool as cool could get in a 1980s rural high school. Each year, a […]

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