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chocolate marshmallow layer bars | movita beaucoup

chocolate marshmallow layer bars

Some of you were confused by my last, almost-healthy recipe, so I decided to lay some multi-layered sweetness on you. Welcome to Crap I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About, 10th Edition. One of my students recently told me a story about passing out in sex education class. At first I pretended to be concerned, but […]

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blueberry loaf | movita beaucoup

blueberry loaf

. . . The other day, I caught 2.0 trying to plug a mouse into a cd drive. Not a real mouse, bozo. Our wireless computer mouse needed a battery recharge, so I suggested that he use an old-school tailed mouse to get by for a few hours. That’s when I caught him trying to […]

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orange sugar cookies | movita beaucoup

orange sugar cookies

On Sunday, we had our first snow flurries here. Not many – just enough to make me feel like running around the yard with my tongue hanging out. But since I only run when being chased, I sat on the couch with my coffee, surveying the neighbourhood and watching for possible crime. It was positively […]

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2.0′s snack mix

. . . This is a variation of a snack mix recipe that one of my students, Eda, gave me. Eda is in my Ballet for Seniors class. Yah, that’s right. Every Tuesday I’m faced with a group of the coolest seniors on the planet. Trust me, you wanna be them. Über cool. Awesome like […]

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blueberry squares

blueberry squares

. . . 2.0 and I have a routine when we go to visit his mummy, Jackie, by the ocean. We enter the house. 2.0 runs to the washroom yelling, “why did you let me drink all of that coffee before the drive?” Jackie shakes her head. 2.0 pillages his mummy’s refrigerator and cupboards for […]

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