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shrimp with fennel, dill and feta |

shrimp with fennel, dill and feta

Results from the inaugural Peruser’s Druthers poll are in! Sounds like y’all wanna hear about my almost-relationship with Gérard Depardieu, and I’ve gotta tell you: 2.0 was pretty relieved. But I won’t be telling you that story today. Nope. Because I’ve got a little situation with my left hand which makes typing un-fun. I’m lurching around the […]

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eat some salad | movita beaucoup

salad, chicken and cruise ships

. . . I have two worst-case vacation scenarios in life: Disney World and cruise ships. I mention this because I’m on a break from school this week, and people seem disappointed that I haven’t exercised either of those options to relax. If I were taken hostage by a nefarious street gang, either of those […]

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