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haddy’s shrimp pasta

. . . I’ve noticed that every blogger who cares about food in the least is presenting you with wonderful holiday treats these days. I’ve spent part of the morning reading about cookies, cakes, loaves, and candies. Beautiful photos of sparkly bits and bobs. Tales of holidays past. So, I present to you: shrimp pasta. […]

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mactuna casserole

. . . Guess what? Nope. Guess again. No. Guess again. Okay, I don’t know why you’d even suggest that. Cheesus. I’m just going to tell you. The Cat Farm is getting a major internet overhaul today. Yup. We’re getting FibreOp 2.0. We don’t know what the hell that is, but we know we like […]

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pasta with pea pesto

. . . Despite Mother Nature’s attempt to thwart us with the crappiest spring ever, the Cat Farm prevailed. Our veggie patch produced a massive quantity of peas. Sure, they were weeks late arriving, but better late than never. We basically told nature to screw off, we don’t care about your incessant rain, this here […]

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pasta salad

. . . Looking for something easy to throw together for dinner? Something that won’t kill you? How about a fresh pasta salad? How about a pasta salad that requires absolutely no culinary skills? Something a monkey could make – provided that monkey could cook pasta and slice a few veggies. Whelp, I’m here to […]

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kinda creamy pasta bake

. . . We’re winter eating. Yup. Here at the Cat Farm, we’re still winter eating. Because there has been no sun. Actually, that’s a lie, because yesterday, for the first time in a month, we had a few hours of sun. I didn’t see it because I was locked in the studio, but I’m told […]

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