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close call | movita beaucoup

close call

Saturday, 4:15 pm: I return from work to find our garden gate flung open. The gate was not open when I left that morning. I check the yard, and then enter the house cautiously. 4:45 pm: Our landline is not working. I unplug and re-plug all of the phones in the house, but despite my technical savvy, the […]

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chocolate peanut butter frosting | movita beaucoup

chocolate peanut butter frosting {and an almost love story}

Here it is: the first Perusers’ Druthers tale. You wanted to hear about my encounter with Gérard Depardieu, which is interesting, as I didn’t say it was a good story. Also, when I say met Gérard, I may have mislead you: my body met Gérard’s body, which is almost the same, except it involves more […]

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cinderella cake |

cinderella cake {and a blog redesign}

Transformations. Aren’t they the best? Imagine, if you will, a dude wearing the following: a Female Body Inspector t-shirt tightly tucked under the waistband of his too-short-for-him grey sweatpants, white sports socks shoved into the brown deck shoes he’s been wearing since 1990, and a neon coloured ski jacket paired with what appear to be […]

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coconut lime cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

coconut lime cupcakes with white chocolate frosting, and also, i ate moths

On April 26th, I ate moths. More specifically, between 1 and 4.5 million moth eggs. It’s hard to know how many I actually ate, thus the broad range in estimated consumption. Immediately after consuming the moth eggs, I texted 2.0. The text read: I just ate moth larvae. I sent it at 12:27 pm. I […]

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chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting

This is the cake I made for Rosie Beaucoup’s birthday. This is the cake you should consider making for someone you love. Because it will make that person love you back. Even if they don’t want to. That’s basically how I snagged 2.0; I won him over with baking. Also, this cake says: I forgive […]

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