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pumpkin carve-off 2016 // movita beaucoup

pumpkin carve-off 2016

This will be – hands down – the crappiest competition I have ever hosted. If you would like to be a part of this absolutely horrendous contest, please read the extensive guidelines below: 1. Carve a pumpkin. I don’t like rules, so as long as it involves some carving, even the smallest amount, I’m happy. Yes, you can glue stuff on. Yes, you can […]

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pumpkin carve off 2014 |

pumpkin carve-off 2014 ~ group 1

After a hiatus in 2013, Pumpkin Carve-Off makes its triumphant return! Take a peek at your first set of pumpkin masterpieces. I like to call this grouping Famous Characters and Their Related Google Searches. Cast your vote at the bottom of the post to help determine the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice Prize! (For more information on how […]

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pumpkin carve-off 2014 | movita beaucoup

meet the 2014 pumpkin panel

Meet the members of the 2014 Pumpkin Panel. This talented group will determine the 1st and 2nd place winners of Pumpkin Carve-Off 2014. Some panelists didn’t provide bio information, so I made it up. Come back tomorrow to cast your votes and determine the winner of the Pumpkin Carve-Off 2014 People’s Choice Prize! . . […]

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pumpkin carve-off | movita beaucoup

the champ(s)

  I am pleased to announce that Team Haghopper has officially won Pumpkin Carve-Off 2012! People, this shows what you can do when you think outside of the box and throw in a little nudity. Congrats to Haddy and Grasshopper! (Your pumpkin is one of my most favourite of all time.) I’d like to send a […]

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