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movita beaucoup's roasted cauliflower and garlic salad

roasted cauliflower salad

. . . 2.0 turned 40 in September, and I’m supposed to turn 40 in May. I’m thinking that I might opt out. Mostly because if someone were to give me a box of Lucky Charms to dive into (no milk, thank you very much), I would. Once you turn 40, you aren’t supposed to […]

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classic creamy coleslaw

. . . Maybe you want to cook for your dad this weekend – apparently, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. Or maybe you want to make something special for someone else in your life. Maybe you live in a place where the sun actually shines, and you’re planning a barbecue. Or a picnic! And maybe […]

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pasta salad

. . . Looking for something easy to throw together for dinner? Something that won’t kill you? How about a fresh pasta salad? How about a pasta salad that requires absolutely no culinary skills? Something a monkey could make – provided that monkey could cook pasta and slice a few veggies. Whelp, I’m here to […]

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ranch dressing

. . . Here at the Cat Farm, we like to eat. Mostly, we like to eat food that can kill you. But every once and while, we try to be adults. We eat vegetables. And sure, we slather those veggies in dressing, but it could be worse – we could be doing cocaine. This […]

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chicken and mint salad

. . . Whenever I’m in Toronto, I go to one of my most favourite restaurants – Pho Hung. It’s usually my first stop. As in, I don’t need to drop my suitcase off before stuffing my face with Vietnamese awesomeness. I always order the same thing. Always. Never anything else. Never. A huge bowl […]

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taco salad

. . . A couple of weeks ago, Rosie Beaucoup made taco salad for 2.0. He fell in love with it. It was a whole, new and exciting taste delight for him. And he couldn’t figure out how she’d come up with such an amazing idea. It was hard to resist pointing out that taco salad […]

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