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meet the 2014 ginger panel

One more sleep! Beginning tomorrow, you will see 37 ginger masterpieces on this here blog. That’s a record breaker! Given that there are only three prizes, it is pretty clear that our participants aren’t doing it for the winnings. This friendly competition has become a holiday tradition for a great number of people (participants and readers alike), […]

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crap no. 12

Welcome to Crap I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You About, 12th Edition. This edition features photos of the gingerbread house I made last year. Ebony was sick over the 2013 holiday season, so I didn’t get around to finishing my gingerbread house until April. So, though you could think of its completion as four months late, you […]

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ginger 2014

It’s time! Competitive gingering at its best/worst! Here’s how this year’s competition is gunna go down. When you send in your Ginger 2014 entries, a team of highly trained ginger professionals (2.0 and I) will group your masterpieces according to crappiness/awesomeness. Gingerbread savants will battle other savants in their online grouping. Ginger creations that look like they were slapped together by well-intentioned narwhals? Well, […]

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