ballet explained: coppélia, act 3

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It is the day after Franz was almost murdered and Swanilda destroyed a man’s life. The town is preparing for the wedding of the pair because – as in most ballets – the female lead has completely forgiven the asshat she’s been dating for his indiscretions. Wedding attendants and guests arrive, and the Festival Bell is brought into the town square. (You didn’t forget about the bell, did you?)

ballet explained: coppélia // movita beaucoup




ballet explained: coppélia // movita beaucoupballet explained: coppélia // movita beaucoup

ballet explained: coppélia // movita beaucoup

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  1. Stephbo on April 18, 2017 at 1:06 am

    I think the ending should be “Stupid people shouldn’t breed. Or make dolls.”

    I wish all ballet narratives were as entertaining as yours!

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