ebony is lying in a bowl of water

ebony is lying in a bowl of water // movita beaucoup

Back in 2008, I was just getting to know 2.0, and hadn’t yet realized that conversations like this would become a significant part of my everyday life. 2.0 and Ebony the Cat were traveling home to visit family for the holidays when he called for my assistance on a wee matter.

The phone rings:

movita: Hello?

2.0: Hey! There’s a power outage in the North End of the city. Do you have power?

movita: Yup.

2.0: I figured it might be your Christmas tree causing the problem.

I had about 4,000 twinkle lights on my tree that year, and several people said they used the light emanating from my apartment to navigate Halifax’s Common at night. It may have reduced crime in the area.

movita: Very funny.

2.0: Yah. So, I was calling to ask you a question.

movita: What’s up?

2.0: Well, is it normal for a cat to lie down in a bowl of water?

movita: (pausing) Aren’t you in the car right now?

2.0: Yes.

movita: And Ebony is with you?

2.0: Yes. And she’s lying in a bowl of water.

movita: I’m not sure what’s happening here.


movita: Yes, I heard you. I’m just not sure why there is a bowl of water in the car.

2.0: I thought she might get thirsty. It’s a long drive. And now she’s lying in the bowl of water.

movita: So… where exactly is the bowl?

2.0: On the floor. In the back of the car.

movita: Well, I’m not sure that you needed to give her water for the ride. Especially since I’m assuming you don’t have a litter box on the back seat.

2.0: Oh no! I hadn’t thought of that! Anyway, I put the water on the floor, and at first she drank it, but now she’s kind of panting and lying in the bowl. Her stomach must be wet. Why would she do that?

movita: Maybe she’s confused. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to find a bowl full of water there.

2.0: I guess. Seems strange though, right?

movita: Yes. I think we can agree that something very strange is happening here.

2.0: What should I do? I told her to get out of the bowl, but she’s not listening to me!

movita: I think you should just let her do whatever she wants at this point.

2.0: I just don’t know why this is happening.

movita: I know, I kno–

2.0: Ebony! EBONY! Stop lying in the water!

movita: Alright, I should probably hang up now.


  1. Bonnie on August 24, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Oh my goodness. So funny.????

  2. Irina Thayer (@irinathr) on August 27, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    I love the post! Thanks for sharing:)


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