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matchmaker, matchmaker

Several years ago, 2.0 presented me with a golf club and claimed it was an anniversary gift. It was not. (I don’t golf.) My sister, Haddy, was visiting at the time, and told him it was the most thoughtful anniversary gift she’d ever seen. It was not. (She just likes to side with 2.0.) So, […]

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crème de la crap

Are you tired of hearing bloggers complain about the constant changes to Facebook? If I wanted to hear whining all the time I’d work in customer service for an airline. I’m all for the changes Facebook is making. First off, and I’m talking to you bloggers, no one gives a shit about your reach. LITERALLY […]

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effie movita

Yesterday we bid farewell to our dear Effie. She was my constant and loyal companion for over 15 years. Gentle, kind and sophisticated – that was our Effie. This past year was filled with much love. I told Effie the story of her adoption over and over again as I rubbed her ears. She ate only her […]

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commenter of the year // movita beaucoup

2017 commenter of the year

This week, I read through every comment left on my blog in 2017. So many of you made me snort, chortle and giggle this year! After some careful consideration, I have chosen to recognize Karen (of Karen’s Kitchen Stories) as my Commenter of the Year. Karen is the sort of person that makes this crappy blog less […]

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crap i've been meaning to tell you about // movita beaucoup

crap no. 34

On a lovely day in September, 2.0 turned to me and asked, “Is today my sister’s anniversary?” I patiently replied with, “Well, she got married on your birthday.” He stood there staring at me until I further clarified with, “TODAY’S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY, HONEY.” Rosie Beaucoup likes to lecture her adult children about all sorts […]

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