baking school

split pea soup

split pea soup | movita beaucoup

It is done. I graduated from baking school – with honours. I didn’t even fall off the stage. And for the first time in months, I’ve got time to do stuff. It has been an adjustment; I mostly sit around and make lists of stuff I should do, and then wander aimlessly doing other stuff. On…

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coffee cake muffins

coffee cake muffins | movita beaucoup

Remember what it was like when you had time to sit down with a cup of tea? To sit down at all? Lately, those days seem few and far between. I’ve started my work term at a bakery about 45 minutes outside of the city, and my Real Job duties hit a feverish pitch at…

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baking school instagrammed

empty | movita beaucoup

Last Friday, we shut down the kitchen at baking school, and I cleaned out my locker. On Monday, we wrote our final exam. This is how my iPhone recorded the year: Remember September? When we all thought baking school was going to kill me? Remember those ridiculous lockers? We battled with them all year. It took…

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snowball cookies

snowball cookies | movita beaucoup

. . . How’s about a little baking school update? I’m on a new team – there are four of us. We’re basically the Spice Girls. There have been some oven mitt hive-fives and baking success all round. In the past three weeks we’ve learned to make: pain au levain, pain rustique, pain pugliese, ciabatta,…

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honey gingerbread

honey gingerbread | movita beaucoup

. . . I survived the cake station. You were probably wondering – perhaps even fretting – so I thought I should tell you that yes, I survived the final station of my first baking school rotation. I was uber prepped. I didn’t sleep all week. My jelly roll got rolled, my black forest cake…

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chicken, veggie and rice soup/stoup

chicken, veggie & rice soup/stoup | movita beaucoup

. . . I’ve been meaning to give you a baking school update, but going to school full time whilst still working part time is a combination that makes you feel like crud. I’m up at about 5 am each morning, and then I’m at school for the day (sweating, crying, etc.). In the afternoon,…

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{movita’s} chili

movita's chili | movita beaucoup

You’ve probably been wondering. Wondering about baking school. Weeks three and four of baking school kicked my ass, complete with a total breakdown in the kitchen last Thursday. My team fell apart – we crashed and burned. Everything that could go wrong, did. I wanted to crawl into the walk-in refrigerator. And when my chef…

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oatmeal scones topped with lavender sugar

oatmeal scones topped with lavender sugar | movita beaucoup

Here’s the thing about baking school: it is equal parts exhilarating and disheartening. I wake up in the morning excited but terrified. I reek of yeast, sweat and anxiety. As soon as I think I’ve figured something out, something goes wrong. It’s an exercise in frustration – and it’s pretty overwhelming. I’m reasonably confident that…

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blueberry snacking cake

blueberry snacking cake | movita beaucoup

During my first week of baking school, I have learned that I know nothing. And anything I thought I knew, I didn’t. But I expected that. So, I will be stripped down and rebuilt like the bionic woman. I’ve been whisking wrong, frosting wrong, and holding my offset spatula wrong. I’ve been chopping, slicing and…

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yer dancin’ photos and some advice from movita

Today is my first day of baking school. I thought about posting a recipe or something baking-related, but it was tough to find just the right thing to express my excitement. And then I remembered that I still have a few dancing photos to share with you. And also, some words of wisdom. Because when…

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