caking // movita beaucoup

Behold, my week in cakes. (Because I suspect many of you enjoy looking at photos of sweets more than actually baking the sweets.) And possibly my favourite: the LionBear Smash Cake. In case you’re feeling productive: Swiss meringue buttercream (the addition of melted and cooled chocolate makes the most divine chocolate frosting on the planet) easy chocolate cupcakes how…

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6-inch chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

6-inch chocolate cake | movita beaucoup

I no longer blog about food. But don’t fret! You can find the recipe for this 6-inch cake and frosting in this ebook: Behold a petit two layer, 6-inch chocolate cake. Simple and delicious. This cake is a shout out to simplicity – moist, flavourful and light. The frosting has coffee in it. It makes the texture soft, silky…

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boterkoek {dutch butter cake}

boterkoek {dutch butter cake} | movita beaucoup

Dear Thijs, Welcome to the world! This means nothing coming from a complete stranger, of course, but your mother is one of my dearest friends. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her friendship and influence, which is something we will now have in common. My mother, Rosie Beaucoup, was in the delivery…

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classic pizza dough

classic pizza dough | movita beaucoup

Have you tried making Finnish Pulla yet? Are you still petrified of yeast? Well, let’s take a step back in bread baking. Let’s make some classic pizza dough. This recipe is adapted only slightly from the one we used at baking school. It’s from one of our textbooks, so when using this recipe, imagine that you’re…

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faux meringues {one egg white}

faux meringues | movita beaucoup | made with only one egg white!

This is a recipe Rosie Beaucoup introduced me to many years ago. I believe the original came from an ancient Canadian Living magazine, but I’ve altered the notes and method considerably. Growing up, I ate many a meringue made with this method, and even requested them as a part of my prom night dinner (which Rosie catered). I wore…

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on freezing cakes

freezing cakes | movita beaucoup

When I’m making a cake for someone, I always bake the cake a day or two ahead of time and freeze it. ALWAYS. It’s a great way to be more efficient on decorating day, and I find a little freezer time gives tender cakes stability and makes them easier to handle when decorating. I don’t frost or decorate my…

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recipe: finnish pulla

finnish pulla | movita beaucoup

We’re going to make Finnish Pulla! Though I’m not Finnish, so I should probably call it Finnish-ish Pulla so the people of Finland won’t complain that I’m doing something inauthentic. And yes, I’m assuming I have a fan-base in Finland. Mr. Kallio told me about this bread. Actually, he hosted a wild holiday party for us (there…

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tools for bread baking

tools for bread baking | movita beaucoup

When I decided to go baking school, I knew nothing about bread, and wasn’t particularly passionate about it. (I mean, it’s not cake.) Still, I enrolled in a baking program with a heavy focus on bread, and spent the better part of 10 months baking thousands of loaves. Why? Because the science and technique behind making bread will make you…

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ridiculously simple banana bread (redux)

ridiculously simple banana bread | movita beaucoup

I hate to brag, but 2.0 and I are almost entirely ready for the holidays. And by that I mean: I’m totally excited to rub our preparedness in your face. For in December, when a great number of you are freaking out and/or crying, we’ll be watching Netflix in our underwear. This year, determined to avoid a…

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