ballerina bakeshop

bunhead bobby pins

bunhead bobby pins | movita beaucoup - a simple tutorial for embellished bobby pins

Bunheads for bunheads! Dancers have long embellished bobby pins with tiny flowers, beads and rhinestones to dress up their buns. But I’m going to suggest we take things to the next level. Let’s shove tiny disembodied heads in our hairdos! Supplies: small wooden beads – about 1/2 inch in diameter bobby pins mini pom poms…

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diy ballet sewing kit

DIY ballet sewing kit | movita beaucoup

Are you a ballet dancer? Do you have a ballet student in your life? Are you looking for a little gift for a dancer that is cheap AND will impress? Maybe you should make a handy sewing kit! Sewing kits are a must for dancers. They are easy to throw together, and most items can be found…

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sorry you fell off the stage cake

sorry you fell off the stage cake | movita beaucoup

For almost two decades, I told my students not to worry about falling off the stage. When you are little, and it’s your first ballet recital, that’s the sort of thing you think about. But I could confidently say: none of my students have ever fallen off the stage. And then it happened. A dancer came to me…

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ballerina peg dolls {cake toppers}

ballerina peg dolls | movita beaucoup

Hosting a ballet themed party? Hoping to wow guests with your wood? These little ballerinas should do the trick. Use to decorate cupcakes or cake, or distribute them as party favours. Even better: put fire on their heads. Materials: peg dolls, drill, pencil & eraser, acrylic craft paint, small paint brushes, fine-tip marker, mini pom-poms, glue, thin ribbon…

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one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting

one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting | movita beaucoup

Happy birthday, Pumpkin! To mark this, your seventh birthday, I made you a cake. A cake topped with lots of teeny-tiny things. Because teeny-tiny things are the bestest. For example, kittens are teeny-tiny and way awesome. So were you when you were born. Also, rats holding teddy bears. And pixie portals. Good things come in teeny-tiny packages.…

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cinderella cake {and a blog redesign}

cinderella cake |

{want to learn how to make this pumpkin carriage? click here!} Transformations. Aren’t they the best? Imagine, if you will, a dude wearing the following: a Female Body Inspector t-shirt tightly tucked under the waistband of his too-short-for-him grey sweatpants, white sports socks shoved into the brown deck shoes he’s been wearing since 1990, and…

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a bride’s cake

a bride's cake | movita beaucoup

. . . Here’s a wee cake I made for Heather, a former student and generally awesome gal. Heather’s getting married in August and asked me to make her wedding cake. SHE WANTED IT TOPPED WITH BALLERINAS. But because I don’t have access licensed kitchen (yet), I had to say no. And then I died.…

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the ballerina bakeshop: flower fairy

the ballerina bakeshop: flower fairy | movita beaucoup

. . . This week I entered a cupcake contest. I did not win. Mostly because my entry didn’t even make it to the voting round. But that’s okay, because the other entries were pretty rad. Still, I thought you might like to see what I’ve been up to lately…

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how to make autumn fairy cupcake toppers

autumn fairy cupcake toppers | movita beaucoup

. . . As far as crafts go, this is about as easy as it gets. But you should know that the tiny ballerina cupcake toppers are just that – tiny. They are only a couple of inches tall from head to toe. So if you don’t like finicky, elf-sized projects, walk away. You will…

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