ridiculously simple banana bread (redux)

ridiculously simple banana bread | movita beaucoup

I hate to brag, but 2.0 and I are almost entirely ready for the holidays. And by that I mean: I’m totally excited to rub our preparedness in your face. For in December, when a great number of you are freaking out and/or crying, we’ll be watching Netflix in our underwear. This year, determined to avoid a…

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cardamom rhubarb snacking cake

cardamom rhubarb snacking cake | movita beaucoup

If I were a plant, I’d want to be rheum rhabarbarum (rhubarb). Short, thick, tart and pretty: who wouldn’t want to get with rhubarb? It’s one of the more pulchritudinous creeping rootstalks (obviously), but did you know that rhubarb is also slang for fight? Use it as you would donnybrook, melee or brannigan. For example: there…

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oatmeal coconut crusted brioche french toast

oatmeal coconut crusted brioche french toast | movita beaucoup

  This French toast is soft, sweet and filling. The buttery, egg-infused brioche makes it especially rich, and the oatmeal coconut crusting gives it a little chew. We prefer our French toast swimming in a pool of maple syrup, but it would also be nice with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar and some fresh fruit. Brioche has…

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lobster, bacon and gruyère crustless quiche

lobster bacon gruyere crustless quiche | movita beaucoup

Happy birthday, Isa! I hope you’re having a marvellous day. I’m not even going to whine about the frigid temperatures and snow we’ve got here. I’m almost happy that you’re frolicking in the daffodils. Rosie Beaucoup was kind enough to share your crustless quiche recipe with me, and I made some in your honour. You…

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blueberry oat pancakes

blueberry oat pancakes | movita beaucoup

These pancakes were inspired by Mr. Rutherford. Sorry. If you’ve been hanging out here for any length of time, you know that The Rutherfords are my sworn enemies. Possibly the single greatest threat to my sloth-like existence. They are attractive, physically fit and tremendously talented – all traits that I find deeply offensive. Also, they…

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fat sparrows {crap no. 8}

fat sparrows | movita beaucoup

Happy New Year! Let’s get 2014 started with some Crap I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You About, 8th Edition. 2.0 and I are exhausted. The holidays have meant staying up way past our bedtime every night. We are not coping well. Also, the weather/driving here has been atrocious. I have at least 20 new grey hairs…

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apple cranberry snacking cake

apple cranberry snacking cake | movita beaucoup

This snacking cake is studded with apples, cranberries and walnuts. It is moist and light, and not overly filling. There is a hint of cinnamon in the batter, which always does well with fruit and nuts. This cake doesn’t taste strongly of fruit – it just adds to the overall texture and sweetness. It is…

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chocolate cheesecake muffins {crap no. 6}

chocolate cheesecake muffins | movita beaucoup

. . . Don’t worry. There aren’t any graham crackers in these muffins. Also, I’ve got some more crap I’ve been meaning to tell you about. A couple of weeks ago, 2.0 and I went shopping. He had a real spring in his step as he threw fuzzy slippers, a soft turtleneck, and new underwear…

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granola {for haddy}

granola | movita beaucoup

My sister’s birthday is on Thursday – she’ll be turning 40. So, I’ve decided to have four days of Haddy-inspired posts this week. Naturally, I turned to Rosie Beaucoup for assistance. movita: I want to do four days of Haddy-inspired posts to mark her birthday. I was thinking I’d share some of her favourite childhood…

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rhubarb muffins and an open letter to my brother and sister

rhubarb muffins | movita beaucoup

Dear Adopamop and Haddy, Mum broke her wrist. So, your decision to move away from Nova Scotia has officially paid off. But that’s not a surprise, is it? I mean, you knew our parents would start to… decline, and I’d be the one taking care of things. I just thought I’d have more money when…

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