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shrimp with fennel, dill and feta |

shrimp with fennel, dill and feta

Results from the inaugural Peruser’s Druthers poll are in! Sounds like y’all wanna hear about my almost-relationship with Gérard Depardieu, and I’ve gotta tell you: 2.0 was pretty relieved. But I won’t be telling you that story today. Nope. Because I’ve got a little situation with my left hand which makes typing un-fun. I’m lurching around the […]

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eat some salad | movita beaucoup

salad, chicken and cruise ships

. . . I have two worst-case vacation scenarios in life: Disney World and cruise ships. I mention this because I’m on a break from school this week, and people seem disappointed that I haven’t exercised either of those options to relax. If I were taken hostage by a nefarious street gang, either of those […]

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carrot and leek soup | movita beaucoup

carrot and leek soup

This soup tastes of carrots and a hint of wine. It’s flavour is gentle, so it pairs well with any number of main dishes, or easily stands on it’s own. I’ve been making it for years and years, and I’ll never tire of it. . . . Carrot and Leek Soup recipe: adapted from a […]

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movita's chili | movita beaucoup

{movita’s} chili

You’ve probably been wondering. Wondering about baking school. Weeks three and four of baking school kicked my ass, complete with a total breakdown in the kitchen last Thursday. My team fell apart – we crashed and burned. Everything that could go wrong, did. I wanted to crawl into the walk-in refrigerator. And when my chef […]

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