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clay gift tags | movita beaucoup

diy clay gift tags/ornaments

Lemme start by saying I didn’t invent clay, gift tags, or clay gift tags. But I do cherish any opportunity to make other people feel inferior over the holidays. Crafting my own clay gift tags makes me look super committed to the holiday season without putting in a lot of effort. The fact that they can alternate as tree ornaments […]

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ballerina peg dolls | movita beaucoup

ballerina peg dolls {cake toppers}

Hosting a ballet themed party? Hoping to wow guests with your wood? These little ballerinas should do the trick. Use to decorate cupcakes or cake, or distribute them as party favours. Even better: put fire on their heads. Materials: peg dolls, drill, pencil & eraser, acrylic craft paint, small paint brushes, fine-tip marker, mini pom-poms, glue, thin ribbon […]

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a sheep for shannon | movita beaucoup

a sheep for shannon

. . . Sheep: What’s up, movita? movita: Not much, Sheep. Sheep: What’s that box for? movita: You. Sheep: Whatiddy what? movita: It’s for you. You’re going to get into that box, and then I’m going to send you to live with my friend, Shannon. Sheep: I don’t think so! That box looks pretty small… […]

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fabric flags

how to make fabric flags

. . . Do you like little flags and banners? Of course you do. Everybody does. And don’t you think they’d be perfect on top of, say, a birthday cake? Sure you do. You could probably even find other uses for them. And I bet you’re thinking: movita, I can’t make my own fabric flags! […]

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needle felted rabbit

meet stephen

‘Tis the season, you know. Stephen likes long walks through forests and meadows, burrowing, and meals of grass and leafy greens. Oh, and give him a herbaceous flowering plant and he’ll be all yours. Soft from head to tail – in a manly way, of course. Happy spring, y’all! .

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