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caking // movita beaucoup

Behold, my week in cakes. (Because I suspect many of you enjoy looking at photos of sweets more than actually baking the sweets.) And possibly my favourite: the LionBear Smash Cake. In case you’re feeling productive: Swiss meringue buttercream (the addition of melted and cooled chocolate makes the most divine chocolate frosting on the planet) easy chocolate cupcakes how…

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petal topped cakes and cupcakes

petal topped cakes and cupcakes | movita beaucoup

I’m pretty obsessed with petal tips these days. No, not the ones you find outdoors. The ones Ateco and Wilton make. The ones that facilitate the flow of buttercream from a piping bag to your mouth the top of a cupcake. They are extremely versatile, and invaluable when it comes to piping ruffles and flowers…

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mini cupcakes with lemon and lavender

lemon and lavender mini cupcakes | movita beaucoup

. . . This time of year – dance recital time – is extremely stressful at the best of times. But this year? When combined with other job responsibilities, wrapping up baking school and my work term? Cripes. I actually heard my body creaking yesterday. I thought it was someone else’s lame body, and then…

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the ballerina bakeshop: autumn fairy cupcakes {cinderella}

autumn fairy cupcakes | movita beaucoup

. . . Welcome back to the Ballerina Bakeshop! Today’s special? Cinderella-inspired pumpkin cupcakes topped with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting. Get it? Because the Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage? That kind of tie-in is art, people. And just in case you’re confused, that little ballerina on top of the cupcake…

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the ballerina bakeshop: white swan cupcakes

white swan cupcakes | movita beaucoup

These White Swan Cupcakes are of the orange-infused sort, and they are topped with a cream cheese frosting. A bitter-sweet combination – like the story of the white swan. She finds her prince, but they – you know – die. The cupcakes have a gentle orange flavour, and are very moist. The cream cheese frosting…

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the ballerina bakeshop: black swan cupcakes

black swan cupcakes | movita beaucoup

Let’s talk Black Swan Cupcakes. These cupcakes are a light chocolate cupcake with a classic chocolate buttercream frosting. I added black food colouring to the frosting to make it darker. It will turn your tongue a little blackish-blue. If you don’t like using gobs of food colouring, you can just leave ’em as is – they’ll…

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chocolate cupcakes with {awesome} chocolate frosting

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting | movita beaucoup

. . . Three weeks of visiting with Haddy, Luke the Dog, Adopamop, Pumpkin and Turnip, have taught me an important lesson. I have learned that 4.5 million accumulated drops of happiness can be matched in sorrow the instant you have to say goodbye. Now, don’t fret. I have also learned that: chocolate cupcakes slathered…

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celebration cupcakes and the summer of woot woot

celebration cupcakes

. . . It’s here! The Summer of Woot Woot! That’s what I’m calling this summer. This summer before everything changes in the fall. And when I utter scream the words: Summer of Woot Woot, I really hit the woots. I like to yell Woot Woot, and then jump into the air. I jump really high…

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self-frosting chocolate cupcakes

Alright, I need you to to be realistic. When I say self-frosting cupcakes, I need you to understand that we’re not talking about a buttercream frosting here. That would be redonkulous. Honestly, how is a cupcake going to cream the butter and pipe icing onto itself? Use your heads. But these cupcakes do have a…

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