niles bobb

Late last night – in the early morning hours, I suppose – we bid farewell to our dear friend Niles. He was my shadow and loyal companion for over 15 years. Goofy, affectionate and the sweetest of sweet – that was our Niles. Our hearts are broken. Niles lived a good and happy life. Even in…

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effie movita

Yesterday we bid farewell to our dear Effie. She was my constant and loyal companion for over 15 years. Gentle, kind and sophisticated – that was our Effie. This past year was filled with much love. I told Effie the story of her adoption over and over again as I rubbed her ears. She ate only her…

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muddling through

muddling through // movita beaucoup

Oh, boy. Where to start? 2.0’s mummy, Jackie, passed away on December 10th. Our hearts broke. The holidays were weird. We focused on putting one foot in front of the other. And then 2.0’s grandmother passed away on January 13th. It has been a rough time. There have been tears, but also lots of laughs thanks…

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pot de crème au chocolat

pot de creme au chocolat | movita beaucoup

Last evening, we bid farewell to our dear, sweet friend, ebony. She has been 2.0’s constant and loyal companion for many years, and we will miss her far more than I can properly express in words. As I’ve said before: a million accumulated moments of happiness can be matched in sorrow the instant you have…

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amy’s cherry crisp

amy's cherry crisp // movita beaucoup

That’s my Aunt Amy up there. On the left. I guess she liked standing on that side. She was my great aunt. She passed away on April 28th, at age 97, just before my 40th birthday. My 40’s will mark my first decade on this planet without her. Amy lived in Toronto for her entire…

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It has been one of those weeks. Ups and downs and everything in between. So, rather than sharing a recipe with you, I’ll catch you up on all things movita. I think it will bring us closer together. And I sincerely hope that idea makes you uncomfortable. Last Thursday, the Beaucoup clan said goodbye to…

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