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one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting | movita beaucoup

one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting

Happy birthday, Pumpkin! To mark this, your seventh birthday, I made you a cake. A cake topped with lots of teeny-tiny things. Because teeny-tiny things are the bestest. For example, kittens are teeny-tiny and way awesome. So were you when you were born. Also, rats holding teddy bears. And pixie portals. Good things come in teeny-tiny packages. […]

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celebrate like an olympian | movita beaucoup

happy birthday, adopamop

Happy birthday, Adopamop! The Beaucoup clan got way more awesome once you slid in and joined the team. You melted our hearts, and now there’s snow way we could imagine our lives without you. Listen, you might feel like having a meltdown – people will tell you that things go downhill as you get older, […]

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fat sparrows | movita beaucoup

fat sparrows {crap no. 8}

Happy New Year! Let’s get 2014 started with some Crap I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You About, 8th Edition. 2.0 and I are exhausted. The holidays have meant staying up way past our bedtime every night. We are not coping well. Also, the weather/driving here has been atrocious. I have at least 20 new grey hairs […]

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cookies for my sweet

happy birthday, lucy

. . . Happy birthday, wee Lucy. Five years old today. If you were here right now, I’d give you a big squeeze and let you touch ebony’s fur. But since you are in France, I’ll have to settle for thinking about all of the fun things we will do together in the summer. I […]

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