the frenchies

happy birthday, lucy

. . . Happy birthday, wee Lucy. Five years old today. If you were here right now, I’d give you a big squeeze and let you touch ebony’s fur. But since you are in France, I’ll have to settle for thinking about all of the fun things we will do together in the summer. I…

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nectarine muffins and birthdays

nectarine muffins

Today is my niece’s birthday. Apolline lives in France, and I haven’t met her yet. That’s all going to change this summer when she comes to visit me. But this post isn’t really about Apolline. It’s about 2.0 and the cats. movita: Today is Apolline’s birthday. 2.0: Really? movita: Yup. She’s two years ol… 2.0:…

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dinette cake avec kirsch et also kirsch glaze

. . . Today is Isa’s birthday. She’s my French sister. I acquired her when my brother was smart enough to grab her and never let her go. They live in France with the two perfect little girls they made for me. Isa is all pretty and stuff, and is one of those annoying people…

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beaucoup potato salad and some camera news

Last weekend, 2.0 and I hosted the 2nd Annual Cat Farm BBQ. It was the bomb. We invited my family, 2.0’s family, and The Rutherfords. We invited The Rutherfords expecting that they wouldn’t actually show up. Imagine our faces when they were the first to arrive. I learned a couple of things last weekend: cooking…

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movita’s veggie patch – progress report { 9 }

. . . We have onions! I harvested a few yesterday. That’s right. I harvested the crap outta them. And then we ate ’em in our dinner. I pulled a beet out of the ground, but it was only the size of my thumb. We’re weeks behind after all of the rain in the spring,…

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