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muddling through // movita beaucoup

muddling through

Oh, boy. Where to start? 2.0’s mummy, Jackie, passed away on December 10th. Our hearts broke. The holidays were weird. We focused on putting one foot in front of the other. And then 2.0’s grandmother passed away on January 13th. It has been a rough time. There have been tears, but also lots of laughs thanks […]

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giant balls cake |

giant balls cake

If a google search has directed you here so you can make a cake shaped like male genitalia, welcome. This is the cake I made for my niece a few weeks ago. It was her birthday, and I wanted to make our family jewel a very special cake. The Very Special Cake was supposed to look like one of […]

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fancy pants pancakes

fancy pants pancakes

Do you love breakfast? If you’ve been here before, you probably know that I’m really into breakfast. Mostly because it’s a meal that can be consumed in bed without judgment. Pheasant under glass? Probably not socially acceptable bed-fare. Pancakes? Totally acceptable. Probably encouraged. I mean, think of all those commercials with grubby children bringing their […]

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