kept woman

kept woman // movita beaucoup

I see you’ve posted a picture of your French tip manicure and engagement ring on Facebook. I’m happy for you; you’ve been waiting eight years for the opportunity to “marry your best friend.” But I need you to know that there is absolutely no way I can attend your wedding. I will give you a…

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under my skein: a survival story

under my skein // movita beaucoup

July 1981 10:15 am: My mother parks our black Mercury Monarch on Main Street. I am nine years old and sitting up front alongside my mother. My seven-year-old sister and three-year-old brother are sitting in the back. Nova Scotia didn’t pass seatbelt laws until 1985, so we were free to bounce around like fleas on…

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poop on deck: a captain’s log

poop on deck: a captain's log // movita beaucoup

  ALL IS WELL. UNTIL IT ISN’T.   6:50 pm: Ten steps from the restaurant I feel a violent shift in my gut. The thirteen-block walk to my car seems manageable despite the uneasiness growing in my pelvic region, so I begin my trek.  6:51 pm: With each step comes more discomfort; a beastly churning rises…

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close call

close call // movita beaucoup

Saturday, 4:15 pm: I return from work to find our garden gate flung open. The gate was not open when I left that morning. I check the yard and then enter the house cautiously. 4:45 pm: Our landline is not working. I unplug and re-plug all the phones in the house, but despite my technical savvy, the phones…

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