dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer

For pricing and to book a dance photography shoot please get in touch via email ( I shoot advanced/professional level students and professional dancers only at this time.

You can view my online portfolio HERE. Follow my dance photography on Instagram HERE.

Download your photo release for printing and signing below:

dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer


In terms of covering your body, anything goes. Pick something that makes you feel comfortable and awesome. Dance clothes or street clothes, bare legs, leggings, tights, or pants. Bear in mind that there is often no changing room available – especially for outdoor shoots. Layering is a great option. A bodysuit base makes it easy to change skirts, dresses, etc. 

dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer

Feet – bare feet, ballet slippers/dance shoes, pointe shoes, street shoes. If wearing dance shoes, they will most likely get dirty if we are outside. Most dancers are eager to be photographed in pointe shoes, but bear in mind that if we are shooting outdoors many surfaces are difficult to balance on. If outdoors there’s a good chance we’ll destroy your pointe shoes, so don’t bring your best/only pair.

Please remember: if your pointe work isn’t strong, it won’t look better in photos. Great feet and technique cannot be photoshopped in. 

dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer

When picking your outfits and shoes, bear the location in mind. For example, shoots by the ocean are often suited to bare feet and legs, swirly skirts and flowing hair. If shooting in a studio, dancewear often suits better than street clothes.

Hair – up, down, whatever you like. Often dancers like to change their hair during the shoot so it looks more like we’ve done multiple shoots.

Makeup – neutrals tend to work best. I advise against is bold lipstick colours – they can be tricky to deal with in post-processing and if converting to black and white. Other than that, as you like.

dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer


If the weather is chilly or we’re shooting next to the ocean, consider bringing something to wear/wrap around yourself between shots. 

Prepare! Have some poses in mind. Instagram is a great resource for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Think of poses that might be flattering to you. I will help you refine your poses and technique.

Props – sure, why not? If you’ve got something bring it along. 

Locations – I’m always looking for new locations. if you find one – especially an indoor space, let me know! I’m a natural light photographer so windows that let in lots of light are ideal. 

dance photography by movita beaucoup / rachael m. dyer