answers to your infrequently asked questions

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What is 2.0’s real name?

That is his real name, doofus.

Do you have kids?

No. 2.0 and I have gone to great measures to child-proof our home (read: make it perilous to children). We hope this means people won’t bring their kids to our house. So far, so good.

I found a typo on your blog.

Okay, that’s not a question. But I’ll fix thatt tipo if yu tell me wear it is. I’m no genius, people. And I appreciate you pointing it out.

I find you offensive and/or don’t like your writing style. 

Mission accomplished.

Will you review a book/product/service or let me write a guest post for you?

Sorry, I don’t do product reviews or allow guest posting on my blog. Honestly, it’s probably better if your name isn’t associated with my “brand.”

I thought this was a food blog. What gives?

There are 4 bazillion food blogs on the interwebs – one less can only be a good thing.

Can I share one of your posts/photos?

Yes! I am entirely grateful for shares of my posts. Unless otherwise stated, the text and photos on this blog are original copyrighted material, which means clear credit and a link back to the original post on are required and very much appreciated.