easy fudge brownies

easy fudge brownies | movita beaucoup

[vimeo w=640&h=361] {click to watch on vimeo or youtube} . If you’ve been following La Vida Movita on facebook, you know I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to learn the ins and outs of shooting video. After my video class was cancelled twice this summer, I decided to school myself, which has resulted in several armpit selfies…

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caramilk brownies

How’s it going, friend? You aren’t on a diet are you? Because I made these brownies for you. And me. Okay, I made them mostly for me. I made these brownies because returning to work last week was… stressful. Wanna know what I think of January so far? I kinda think it sucks donkey balls. But…

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zucchini brownies

You didn’t think I was all out of zucchini, did you? ‘Cuz I’m not. I’ve got another zucchini recipe for you – just in case you’re in the same boat. I’m also feeling the need to tell you that I blanched a pile of diced zucchini and got it into the freezer today – which will…

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fudge brownies (so easy a monkey could make ’em)

fudge brownies

I’ve been making these brownies for a long time. I think they were the first thing I ever learned to bake. They are tasty and easy to make in a jiffy – like, say, if some doofus shows up on your doorstep and you have nothing to serve with tea. You can get these into…

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