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cake decorating

sorry you fell off the stage cake

sorry you fell off the stage cake | movita beaucoup

For almost two decades, I told my students not to worry about falling off the stage. When you are little, and it’s your first ballet recital, that’s the sort of thing you think about. But I could confidently say: none of my students have ever fallen off the stage. And then it happened. A dancer came to me…

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petal topped cakes and cupcakes

petal topped cakes and cupcakes | movita beaucoup

I’m pretty obsessed with petal tips these days. No, not the ones you find outdoors. The ones Ateco and Wilton make. The ones that facilitate the flow of buttercream from a piping bag to your mouth the top of a cupcake. They are extremely versatile, and invaluable when it comes to piping ruffles and flowers…

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swiss meringue buttercream {easter cake}

swiss meringue buttercream | movita beaucoup

Let’s talk buttercream, shall we? More specifically, Swiss Meringue Buttercream. European buttercreams, as many of you know, tend to be less sweet than their American counterparts. Some people find them too buttery, but I think this is because many North Americans grew up eating sugary frostings made with copious quantities of confectioner’s sugar. We were cautioned…

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one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting

one bowl yellow cake with lemon buttercream frosting | movita beaucoup

Happy birthday, Pumpkin! To mark this, your seventh birthday, I made you a cake. A cake topped with lots of teeny-tiny things. Because teeny-tiny things are the bestest. For example, kittens are teeny-tiny and way awesome. So were you when you were born. Also, rats holding teddy bears. And pixie portals. Good things come in teeny-tiny packages.…

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cinderella cake {and a blog redesign}

cinderella cake |

{want to learn how to make this pumpkin carriage? click here!} Transformations. Aren’t they the best? Imagine, if you will, a dude wearing the following: a Female Body Inspector t-shirt tightly tucked under the waistband of his too-short-for-him grey sweatpants, white sports socks shoved into the brown deck shoes he’s been wearing since 1990, and…

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easy fire truck cake {tips on cake decorating}

fire truck cake | movita beaucoup

I made this cake last week to mark Oliver Rutherford’s third birthday. He likes buttercream more than any other Rutherford, which makes him the best Rutherford in my books. I thought you might enjoy some pointers on assembling a cake of this sort. Mostly because it is SUPER EASY. If not, scram. You won’t like…

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giddy-up cake {happy birthday, kim}

giddy-up cake | movita beaucoup

Today is Kim Bee’s birthday. You probably know Kim from her blog, Cravings of a Lunatic. That cowgirl has jockeyed her way right into my heart. I was worried that she’d be feeling pasture prime today, so I made her a cake. Try to rein in your excitement. When making a cake for someone, you…

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