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needle felted

a sheep for shannon

a sheep for shannon | movita beaucoup

. . . Sheep: What’s up, movita? movita: Not much, Sheep. Sheep: What’s that box for? movita: You. Sheep: Whatiddy what? movita: It’s for you. You’re going to get into that box, and then I’m going to send you to live with my friend, Shannon. Sheep: I don’t think so! That box looks pretty small……

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meet stephen

needle felted rabbit

‘Tis the season, you know. Stephen likes long walks through forests and meadows, burrowing, and meals of grass and leafy greens. Oh, and give him a herbaceous flowering plant and he’ll be all yours. Soft from head to tail – in a manly way, of course. Happy spring, y’all! .

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meet daphne

needle felted sheep

It could be the warm weather. Or perhaps the Ironwood lambs have me hooked. It could be the wee rumps. Or the sweet, soft faces. I just can’t seem to get my fill of sheep these days. .

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meet morley

felted sheep

I like sheeps. Do you like sheeps? Morley is waiting. I knew it. You do like sheeps. .

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meet penelope

She’s going to be living with someone very special. Packed up into a little cardboard crate (with air holes, of course), to wing her way to her new home. There will be lots of books there, and a dog to keep her company. Happy spring! .

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