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how to paint furniture

As stated in a previous painting tutorial: I ain’t claiming to be no expert. Should you ruin a piece of your furniture whilst attempting to replicate my super awesome style… well, I’m not taking responsibility. Sand ‘er down and try something else. When in doubt, check with someone who is an expert. The people at my Benjamin Moore…

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roadside chair re-do

Remember the chair I found by the road? The one 2.0 made me hose down in the yard in case someone had pooped on it? Well, now the Roadside Chair is commonly referred to as the Poop Chair. I resisted and insisted, but each and every time I referred to it as the Roadside Chair, 2.0 would correct…

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how to antique (and distress) furniture with paint

Let me preface this wee tutorial with a disclaimer: I’m no painting expert. I am very good at researching crap on the interweb. I am also very good at asking questions at my local Benjamin Moore store. I am not afraid to try new things – you shouldn’t be either. However, should you ruin a piece of…

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