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beef stroganoff

beef stroganoff | movita beaucoup

This is the birthday meal I requested for the first 30 years of my life. This, and Rosie Beaucoup’s Mountain of Meringues. Oh, and lately, a Superstore white cake. I love grocery store cake with its thick, sugary icing. I’d like to tell you this is the best and most authentic beef stroganoff recipe ever, but…

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coconut and beef curry with noodles

Um. It has been snowing again today. The really heavy stuff. I just shovelled the driveway. And now I kind of need a nap. Those of you who know me, know I love snow. I especially love snow days. But all of this shovelling is getting to be a bit much – even for me.…

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movita’s yummy sausage bake

I like to be prepared. I’m like a frickin’ boy scout. If I’ve got food in the freezer, I feel… safe. If it’s good food, even better. This fall has been incredibly busy, but thanks to my awesome organization, the freezer has had lots of spaghetti sauce, soups and other treats to keep us going…

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movita’s pasta sauce

After the construction of our pallet table yesterday, we were very hungry. I didn’t really do anything to help build the table, but watching someone else work can be exhausting. I decided to whip up a batch of my almost famous pasta sauce for 2.0, hoping he would think I had been very busy in the…

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salmon cheddaroni

Sure it’s spring. But our temperatures here have been swinging by 15 to 20 degrees daily. Last weekend we had sunny beach weather. This weekend there was snow on the ground. So, winter food was required. 2.0 likes this casserole even though he says he’s not a big fan of salmon. Now, when he says things…

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