Dear Friends,

Last June, I was considering leaving this space. Remember? Here we are, exactly nine months later and nothing has changed.

I make about $100.00 a month in ad revenue on this blog. But the cost of running it is far greater. Behind the scenes expenses add up very quickly, never mind the hours spent on writing, photography, editing, social media and promotion. Time spent blogging is time spent not generating a proper income or working on other opportunities.

Do you know what shareable content is? It’s what you need to run a financially successful blog these days. Shareable content for a Pinterest driven market. It doesn’t seem to matter if that content is boring, and it doesn’t seem matter if everyone’s doing the same thing. Recently, I heard myself say: I’m focusing on curating the content of my Instagram feed. I immediately unfriended myself.

In today’s blogging world it’s very easy to get swept up in all the wrong things. It’s even easier to stop having fun.

Pinterest traffic? It ain’t the real deal. The thousands of people who click on one of my photos on Pinterest, stay for 9.48 seconds and then take off? They don’t mean anything to me, and I don’t mean anything to them. Yet, those fleeting visitors are the crowd I’d need to focus on in order to earn enough money to break even on this blog. Guys? I don’t want to work for those people anymore. 9.48 seconds. All that work for 9.48 seconds.

What does this mean? I’m shutting this blog down for a while. Blogger suicide, apparently. I plan to be back on September 1st. I don’t know what this blog will look like. Maybe the same, maybe different. I’ve been blogging since 2004. I need a break. In the meantime, you’ll still be able to read everything I’ve posted to date.

I also need to step away so I can focus on developing my earning potential in other ways. Because upon reflection, I don’t really care if I earn another penny from this blog. I’d rather make this space a spot that reflects me perfectly and leads to other opportunities. I need to sit down, regroup, and ponder those possibilities in a meaningful way.

I’ll still be on social media – Facebook and Instagram primarily – I’d love to see you there! And to facilitate staying in touch, I’m starting a newsletter. That way, I can keep you SuperFans informed of my goings on. (Who else would I share my 2.0 stories with?) Sign up for the newsletter by clicking here or clicking the link in the sidebar. Don’t sign up for this newsletter if you aren’t okay with me writing whatever the heck I want. If you don’t like this little journey we’re going on, it’s okay to just step off, you know?

Finally, assuming you are still reading, brave souls, I’ve closed the comments on this post. I didn’t write these words hoping for anything in return. I wrote them so you wouldn’t think I’d gone on to that big bakery in the sky. (Died. I didn’t want you to think I had died.) You SuperFans – you people who show up week after week, month after month – mean the world to me. Thanks for being such good friends. See you in September!

Or, like, next month in a newsletter. Whatever.

xox movita