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how to paint furniture

As stated in a previous painting tutorial: I ain’t claiming to be no expert. Should you ruin a piece of your furniture whilst attempting to replicate my super awesome style… well, I’m not taking responsibility. Sand ‘er down and try something else. When in doubt, check with someone who is an expert. The people at my Benjamin Moore […]

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ribbon dispenser

No. The craft room isn’t done yet. It is almost done. I have a dresser to paint. That’s the last big project. So, to tide you over until I’m ready for the big reveal*, I thought I’d mention that 2.0 created a ribbon dispenser for me. Particularly sweet when you consider that I’m not sure he knows […]

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disaster zone: goodbye mr. saunders

One of the lovely things about being a house for 2.3 (two humans, three cats) is that one can turn an upstairs bedroom into a craft room. If we had children, some scruffy kid would be in my craft room screwin’ the place up. It is obvious that the previous owners of our home did not possess […]

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This website runs on crap

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