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meet penelope

She’s going to be living with someone very special. Packed up into a little cardboard crate (with air holes, of course), to wing her way to her new home. There will be lots of books there, and a dog to keep her company. Happy spring! .

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felt gnome tutorial | movita beaucoup

how to make wee felt gnomes/knomes

Last week I hosted my annual Gnome Making Workshop. I host one every December because at this time of year my students are basically useless. They are tired, over-worked and desperate to head home for the holidays. They grow dumber every day. So, a few years ago I invited Kate Mitchell, a graduate of our […]

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ornament wreath

. . . What? You haven’t made an ornament wreath yet? It was just the two of us, but now? It’s just you. You’re the only person left. You should probably make one. There are tons of tutorials online. You know how to google, don’t you? I made mine with a wire wreath form (12 inch […]

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yarn trees (tutorial)

. . . Do you have yarn sitting in your closet that was meant to be a sweater/scarf/mitten for your sister/friend/uncle and never was? Sure you do. Do you want to save the earth by re-purposing that yarn? Of course you do. When I was at Michaels Crafts this week, a lady turned to me […]

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felt ruffled snowballs (tutorial)

After making my ruffled wreath a few weeks ago, I got to thinking about how easy it would be to make some ruffled snowballs for our big picture window. Mostly because I saw a great photo in Style at Home Magazine of ornament orbs (below), and was instantly besotted. After taking a trip to a […]

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ruffled wreath

. . . I saw the tutorial for this wreath last year via Kristen at Domestifluff. I’ve been dying to make it ever since. Ain’t it right pretty like? You’re going to need a lot of felt circles. I used at least 200, about 3 inches in diameter. I made a template out of sturdy […]

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elf prototype

I saw some cute pine cone elves on Martha Stewart’s website last month, and thought I might make some. (It also spurred my invention of the Pine Cone Reindeer, which I will reveal in due course.) I plan to make our little house look like Christmas barfed all over it this year, and I’ve been […]

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