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french chocolate ice cream sundaes with bacon brittle sprinkles

french chocolate ice cream sundaes with bacon brittle sprinkles | movita beaucoup

At Christmastime, we learned that my wee French niece, Turnip, does not like vanilla ice cream. We learned this when we made the bigass mistake of giving Turnip a vanilla ice cream sundae. She gave us the Dead Eyes in return. Dead Eyes shouldn’t be confused with my sister’s signature move: Dead Monkey. In this masterful…

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frozen chocolate peanut butter pie {crap no. 9}

frozen chocolate peanut butter pie | movita beaucoup

Welcome to Crap I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About, 9th Edition. Let’s get to it, shall we? Justin Bieber was arrested this week, which, for some reason, reminded me of an exchange that happened between two of my ballet students last year. Kid 1: (pointing to a mark on her face) What is this? (pausing to run her…

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tangy raspberry sherbet

tangy raspberry sherbet | movita beaucoup

. . . Today I have a guest post over on Will Cook For Friends. That’s Willow‘s blog, and she’s the bomb. Willow’s readers are used to gorgeous photos and elegant blog posts about food technique and seasonal ingredients. So I took things down a notch and sent her a longversation about the decline of…

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blueberry buttermilk sherbet

blueberry buttermilk sherbet | movita beaucoup

This sherbet is made with blueberries and buttermilk. It is smooth, sweet and incredibly easy to make. . . . Blueberry Buttermilk Sherbet recipe: from Martha Stewart Living, July 2013 print and make Yields about 3-4 cups. 1.5 pints (about 3 cups) fresh blueberries 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup buttermilk zest of 1 lemon…

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lemon sorbet and an open letter to my sister

lemon sorbet | movita beaucoup

Dear Haddy, This evening, I am picking up our wee French nieces, Pumpkin and Turnip, at the airport. Adopamop will be there too. I’m very excited to see our brother, but I’ve NEVER MET TURNIP. And she’s two years old. So, I’m about as excited as any one person can be. Now, I understand that…

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white chocolate ice cream

I’d like to start by thanking all of you for your kind comments and emails regarding my baking school news. It means more to me than I can express without getting mega sappy on ya. I’m feeling more and more excited for September, and maybe even a little braver. Also, I’d like to thank you…

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