chocolate cheesecake muffins {crap no. 6}

chocolate cheesecake muffins | movita beaucoup

. . . Don’t worry. There aren’t any graham crackers in these muffins. Also, I’ve got some more crap I’ve been meaning to tell you about. A couple of weeks ago, 2.0 and I went shopping. He had a real spring in his step as he threw fuzzy slippers, a soft turtleneck, and new underwear…

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rhubarb muffins and an open letter to my brother and sister

rhubarb muffins | movita beaucoup

Dear Adopamop and Haddy, Mum broke her wrist. So, your decision to move away from Nova Scotia has officially paid off. But that’s not a surprise, is it? I mean, you knew our parents would start to… decline, and I’d be the one taking care of things. I just thought I’d have more money when…

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coffee cake muffins

coffee cake muffins | movita beaucoup

Remember what it was like when you had time to sit down with a cup of tea? To sit down at all? Lately, those days seem few and far between. I’ve started my work term at a bakery about 45 minutes outside of the city, and my Real Job duties hit a feverish pitch at…

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lemon tea muffins

lemon tea muffins | movita beaucoup

My brother, Adopamop, along with Pumpkin and Turnip, arrived from France just over two weeks ago. My sister, Haddy, is here too. She brought Luke the Dog with her. They are all staying with Bill and Rosie Beaucoup. And they are all wearing me out. French kids sleep in. They aren’t total a-holes like North American…

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nectarine muffins and birthdays

nectarine muffins

Today is my niece’s birthday. Apolline lives in France, and I haven’t met her yet. That’s all going to change this summer when she comes to visit me. But this post isn’t really about Apolline. It’s about 2.0 and the cats. movita: Today is Apolline’s birthday. 2.0: Really? movita: Yup. She’s two years ol… 2.0:…

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blueberry muffins {with toasted coconut}

Guess what? 2.0 has admitted that it is possible that an iPhone isn’t the worst purchase I could ever make. That’s basically a stamp of approval in my books. AND he hardly rolled his eyes when he said it mumbled it. I think his change of heart has come about because: I’ve talked about nothing…

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banana chocolate chip muffins

When did muffins get so healthy? Remember when you didn’t have to sharpen your teeth to gnaw through a muffin? When coarse texture was frowned upon? When muffins were basically cake that you could eat for breakfast? When I was a kid, muffins were either a) unhealthy, or b) bran. Two options. Now muffins are…

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pumpkin cheesecake muffins

Did you have a happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends? 2.0 and I did. We spent Thanksgiving Sunday with The Beaucoups, and Thanksgiving Monday with The Ocean Family. We ate a lot. Because I’m full, and don’t have much to say, I will simply gift you with these pumpkin cheesecake muffins. They are perfectly delightful! They have…

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zucchini bread and/or muffins

the players

This is kind of an unofficial veggie patch update: WE HAVE A MILLION ZUCCHINIS AND MORE COMING BY THE MINUTE. I’m not freaking out or anything. I mean, you all warned me that zucchini is prolific, so I was kind of prepared. And the freezer can probably hold a lot of zucchini bread, right? And…

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sour cream coffee muffins

It’s rainy here. As in: I can’t remember what the sun looks like. Day after day of rain, and day after day of rain in the forecast. I’m getting kind of cranky, and I’m not sure where to direct this anger, so I’ve decided to whine about it. I’m wondering just how the heck my…

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