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{other} sweets

chocolate pudding {cake}

This is not a lava cake. It is not a molten cake. It’s chocolate pudding. That’s the proper name. I’ll go so far as to call it chocolate pudding cake for you, but that’s it. This perfect confection doesn’t need a trendy name. Nope. No way. It needs an old fashioned name. A name that…

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peach cobbler

Do you like peaches? I do. At least, I do when they are de-furred. String beans, kiwis, peaches: what’s up with the fuzzy exteriors? When 2.0 and I stood before some peaches at the market, he told me he really didn’t like them. (Has the fur has been throwing him off too?) So I told him I’d…

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blackberry cobbler

. . . Remember the blackberries 2.0 picked for me? Sure you do. Well, I decided against jam. Instead, I decided to make a blackberry cobbler for dessert this evening. Let’s face it, if the berries are free, you can do whatever you want with them. No need to preserve them. Gobble them up all…

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blueberry grunt

blueberry grunt | movita beaucoup

Whenever I make blueberry grunt, I think of my brother. Mostly because when we were kids we would replace the word “grunt” with an actual grunt. It was endlessly entertaining. (For us.) (Only us.) Sweet, juicy blueberries combined with soft dumplings. If lovin’ this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Apparently, wild blueberries are the…

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