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snack fare

rosemary cornmeal crackers

. . . Question: why haven’t I been making crackers? Huh? Why have I wasted so much time eating crackers from a box when I could be eating crackers from my own oven? Redonkulous. Another question: do you have any comprehension of how much time I would save in my weekly routine if I just…

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2.0’s snack mix

This is a variation of a snack mix recipe that one of my students, Eda, gave me. Eda is in my Ballet for Seniors class. Yah, that’s right. Every Tuesday I’m faced with a group of the coolest seniors on the planet. Trust me, you wanna be them. Über cool. Awesome like the bestest, funnest…

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granola bars

A couple of months ago, 2.0 and I bought a huge box of granola bars from Costco. As in, we consumed about 80 granola bars in just over two months. You see, we’re a lot like Olivia Newton John: we like to get physical. Our jobs are physically demanding, so we need to fill our…

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