And then there were four. Now these champions will face off in a birthday cake battle royale. Are you ready for some badass buttercreamin’? Polls will be open until tomorrow morning (May 2) at 8 am AST/7 am EST. That’s 24 hours of voting. The winner will be announced tomorrow as well.

I encourage our finalists to use any means possible to win. Get on yer email, facebook and twitter accounts. Ousted competitors, loyal movita fans: throw your weight behind your favourite baked masterpiece. That’s buttercream politics, people.

Let the smack down begin!

Your finalists…

. . .

eliza’s bedecked strawberry donut hole cake

Read the full post on Eliza’s cake, including her own description of her masterpiece, here.

This cake sparkles. This cake shines. There are strawberries in there. And vanilla pastry cream! It has strawberry glaze dripping over the sides. It looks really, really tall. IT HAS DONUT HOLES ON IT. (Did you see the flower on top?) Mother of pearl: IT HAS DONUT HOLES ON IT. This woman gets me. And I loves her for it. Enough said.

(You can see more from Eliza on her blog: Pastries and Pairs.)

. . .

carol anne’s boozy cake

Read the full post on Carol Anne’s cake, including her own description of it, here.

First off, when I opened Carol Anne’s email and saw MYSELF ON THE TOP OF A CAKE, I did a grand jeté in the living room. That’s ballet speak for havin’ my freak freaked. It has three tiers! And also, BEER! Or stout, as they probably call it over on Carol Anne’s side of the ocean. The buttercream looks soft and sweet. The scrollwork is oh, so lovely. And she overcame adversity to Bake My Cake – holes in piping bags are no joke, people.

I’d probably walk 500 miles for this cake.

(You can see more from Carol Anne on her blog: Rock Salt.)

. . .

shannon’s cake: movita beaucoup’s bakery story

Read the full post on Shannon’s cake, including her own description of it, here.

People, this is cake insanity. Aaaaaaand it made me a little teary. It’s perfection from top to bottom. Brilliant concept. Every little detail. The wee pastries. The vintage ballerinas. The little tables and miniature serving trays. The window, menu, bakery case, tablecloths, plates, the teeny-tiny donuts… sigh. And when you’re completely terrified about the year ahead? About heading to baking school? Well, this cake is just the thing to make you feel a little better. A little inspired.

When I think of the time and care Shannon took with this creation? Well, I love her to pieces for it. Also, when Shannon hits it big – and she will – remember you heard it here first. I can feel it in my bones.

(If you’d like to read Shannon’s blog post on this cake, click here. You won’t be disappointed.)

. . .

elsa’s tugging at your heartstrings cake

Read the full post on Elsa’s cake, including her own description of it, here.

When I opened Elsa’s email? I was so incredibly touched by her elegant cake, and those dear, sweet, heart-shaped letters, that I burst into tears. Sometimes it’s the little things in life, people. The concept behind this cake is just as it should be for any birthday cake: filled with love and best wishes.

I think this entry speaks for itself. Don’t you?

. . .

There you go. It’s time to vote now. Thanks for getting involved – we really appreciate your votes and comments. YIPPIE!!

Votes must be cast by 8 am Atlantic Standard Time (7 am EST), Wednesday, May 2.

The winner will be announced tomorrow!


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  2. Rosie Beaucoup on May 2, 2012 at 12:09 am

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  3. delicio8 on May 2, 2012 at 2:15 am

    That ballerina cake blows my mind!!!! Wonderful!

  4. pencilkitchen on May 2, 2012 at 2:21 am

    this is a tough one…

  5. Debra Kapellakis on May 2, 2012 at 4:08 am

    Just like all the other times this was VERY hard to decide but I had to choose only one so I did!

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  7. Ann on May 5, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    HEY THERE! It’s good to be back in North America, catching up on all your posts for the last three months! I sincerely missed your sass, witticisms, and delicious looking eats while I was away. You’ve been busy!! I love these cookies and the sweet note you wrote. WIsh you had baked ME some cookies while I was in Africa! 😉

  8. movita beaucoup on December 1, 2015 at 7:46 am

    Comments on this post are now closed as it was published in May 2012. Happy baking!