ginger 2015: group 2

Here is the second grouping of Ginger 2015 masterpieces! I call this grouping Villages and Things You Might Find in a Village. (Bakeries.)

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ronda’s sugary sweet village

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Ronda writes:

The village in this photo was a lot of fun because I tried quite a few new things. I had been wanting to make wrought iron fence out of iced spaghetti, and fondant was also a new area for me. I did quite a bit of brush painting with icing color on textured fondant and rolling fondant around pretzels for pillars. It is all edible, because I’m a little picky about that.  

Iced spaghetti. Have two more beautiful words ever been uttered? My diet consists solely of sugar and pasta, so… yes, please. Also the windows – are they made out of orange Crush? They are delightful! This village is masterfully crafted – the bricks, the pillars!

A bank, emporium, sweetshop, and barber shop? Why that’s everything a pint-sized villager could ever need in one stop. I’m assuming the residents of this village are very well-to-do, as the sidewalks are perfectly manicured and there is absolutely no graffiti on the pristine white building facades. In other words, this is way nicer than my neighbourhood…

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nancy’s the grinch stole christmas

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Nancy submitted two entries in Ginger 2015. Of this one she wrote:

The characters are done by molding and painting in chocolate. My husband creates the patterns for me then I take over and have fun with dough, chocolate and sugar while listening to xmas music all through November. 

The trees! The detail work and embellishments! The Grinch! My word, he’s wonderful! This is basically a miniature movie set. Look at all the attention to detail and care with styling! It’s straight outta Hollywood! I know what you’re thinking: that couldn’t possibly work, movita. But you’d be wrong. Think about all the people working on a movie set – hundreds of crew members and talent, all of whom need feeding. Now imagine you don’t need craft services. The cast and crew can simply munch on the set, saving time, money and resources. And that money could rolled into making another epic holiday movie! Or a movie for Christian Slater! (What’s he been up to lately?)

There’s nothing about this movie set gingerbread village that I don’t like!

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kerri’s whoville gingerbread village

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Kerri sent the following – very succinct – information with her entry:

I decided on the Whoville Gingerbread Village. Took me 16 hours of planning and constructing! Very happy!

I like a woman who gets right to the point.

Now, let’s take a look at what 16 hours of gingering gets you. Behold, layer upon layer of sugary goodness! Candy walkways, brightly coloured houses and shops, trees that beg to be munched upon! So much whimsy captured in one display.

I believe we’re looking at the main square of Whoville, located in the centre of town. It’s pretty clear that the town’s residents have their priorities straight, with prime real estate going to candy and toy shops. Who needs a fire station? CANDY IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT!

Kerri? This village makes me very happy too!

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carol’s it took me a week to resize these photos bakery

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Carol writes:

I usually do gingerbread houses at Christmas but thought I’d try something different this year – a bakery.

Carol? That bakery is in a house. Just sayin’.

My inspiration came from a picture on Pintrest. The bakery is completely eatable with the exception of the two little wires that holds the swinging (Jones Bakery) sign and of course the board it sits on and the lights. The wedding cake, coconut cake and the cupcakes are made of gum paste. The gingerbread houses in the window are made from caramel candy. The railing on the structure and the hand rail are made from Royal icing. The roof has little gingerbread men on it and the sidewalk is Necco wafers. The bay window background is made of melted Red Hots and the other windows are melted butterscotch Life Savors. The garland is made from Royal icing as well.

Listen up, people. Carol had to resubmit her entry about 407 times because she couldn’t make her photos larger than thumbnail size. (I mean an actual thumbnail. They were very small.) But did she give up? NO. I told her to get herself a bottle of wine, suck it up, and to NEVER GIVE UP. So Carol drank that wine, grabbed her camera, and captured these epic photos of her ginger bakery. IT IS A GINGER MIRACLE.

Now, look at the piping – the royal icing railings are incredible! What an absolutely majestic building. The perfect little sidewalk, the brick work, the adorable wreaths and garland, the warm glow illuminating the treats in the window, the drunk roofers laying down on the job… magnifique!

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jessica’s north pole bakery

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Jessica writes:

This North Pole Bakery was created for the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Gingerbread exhibit. The porch is filled with mini tables topped with mini baked goods. It took way too long to create and will therefore be my first and last gingerbread house not from a kit. 🙂

No, Jessica. I refuse to accept this declaration. There’s no way you’re going back to a kit after creating this sugary shoutout to all things pastel and sugar!

This is just the sort of ginger creation that any adult would marvel at, and any self-respecting child would want to lick. The details on the front porch are delightful, and I can’t get enough of the billowing icing. So. Much. Icing! It is truly a bakery that belongs nestled in a small, snowy village. Did you notice the wreath on the front door? The generous use of sprinkles and sugar pearls? So elegant and full of whimsy!

Jessica blogs here – head on over and check it out!

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amy & cathleen’s house for jack

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Amy wrote:

Here is our entry… hopefully it does not fall into the ‘crappy’ category  This is the 4th gingerbread piece I created with my sister, Cathleen. 

This is very nice. My sister would never gingerbread with me.

We completed this for a very eclectic store as part of the Kent, CT Gingerbread Fest. Since the store carries all sorts of fun and funky things from antiques to clothing to jewelry, to home goods, we did not want to do a traditional piece. Looking through the photos on their facebook page, we noticed the owner had a dog, named Jack, that seemed to be the store’s unofficial mascot. So, we thought, why not create a piece centered around Jack, and voilà, our concept was born. 

So… you guys were facebooking together? Like around a table? Laughing and eating cookies?

We created this gingerbread dog house with construction grade gingerbread and royal icing.  Since a dog would be around it, a lot, we wanted to make sure if he tried to take a bite, it would be as safe as possible, so we did not want to use chocolate, raisins, or anything else that would be very harmful. My sister does all of the modeling work with fondant and I do the baking. 

Division of labour, cooperation, bonding over a shared concern for animal welfare. I bet you both hate raisins. I bet you have inside jokes about raisins and everything.

The owner of the store was thrilled with this piece and loved the different details like the note to Santa, stocking, dog bone & water bowl, snowballs, etc. She actually was going to ask if we could incorporate Jack in our piece, so it was quite a wonderful surprise that we did.

As with all of our other creations, this was a great opportunity to spend some time with my sister and do something really fun & creative, together. We are 40 something, moms & wives (she is also a teacher), who love to bake for fun and our family and friends.

Yes. It would be a great opportunity to spend time with your sister doing something fun and creative. Of course, I’m just assuming this is the case, because I’ve never experienced it myself. I have to ginger alone. Je suis triste…

That dog house is fantastic, and though I haven’t met Jack, I’m betting that fondant dog looks just like the real thing. The note to Santa is precious, and the bone-shaped window? Brilliant! So many adorable details in one glorious display! This display captures so much of what I love about gingering – so obviously constructed with love and thoughtfulness. Long live gingering!

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  1. WillCookForFriends on December 20, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    The second group is just as amazing as the first! I’m blown away by the skill in these. Kerri, 16 hours is making amazing time, in my book — you’re a pro. And Carol, thank you for finally finding an acceptable use for Necco wafers. This might be the first time they have not disappointed me.

    • movita beaucoup on December 21, 2015 at 7:17 am

      To think Carol almost withdrew her entry due to technical difficulties! Thank goodness for wine and reshoots!

  2. Amy on December 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Wow, so glad I’ve never attempted the gingerbread competition…Using a kit is the best I can do (but i do a damn good job with that!). These are all amazing!!!

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