ginger 2015: group 3

Take a looksie at our third and final grouping Ginger 2015 creations for today. (Don’t worry! There are three more groupings to enjoy tomorrow.) I like to call this set of entries Sugary Estates and Vacation Homes.

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the gingerbread party’s skating with the sweets

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

The Gingerbread Party (Marie, TJ, Sam, Mo, Sarah, Robert, Lubi, Claire, Kallie, Luke) writes:

Made at Kallie and Luke’s annual gingerbread party, this village scene was created in a record four hours, by a group of ten committed gingerbread enthusiasts.

Ten gingerbread enthusiasts, and zero backstory. And Kallie writes books for kids! I guess we’ll have to fill in the blanks for ourselves. I believe that this gingertown is where the inventor of Rice Krispies, W.K. Kellogg, once lived. Why? Because it was literally built upon them! Many of his descendants still reside there, but one of the heirs to the Shreddies fortune moved into town last year, and relations in the village have been a little strained ever since. (The Shreddie roof was the last straw.) That’s why those ginger people are having a skating competition. There’s a score to be settled, and they needed a wholesome way to work out their frustrations and build community spirit.

Despite rising the rising tensions in that town, I’d happily move into any of the houses surrounding the skating pond. The village is well maintained and perfectly manicured, and the use of colour coordinated siding and roofing materials is very pleasing to the eyes. Imagine the Snap! Crackle! Pop!™ underfoot! Perfection!

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tamsin’s gingerbread estate

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

This is the first of two entries from Tamsin. Tamsin wrote:

I make a gingerbread something for my father every year, as I learned to make gingerbread houses while growing up from him. Each year I try to come up with a fun design for him. As a parting gift before leaving South Africa and moving to USA, I asked him what design he wanted. He sent me pictures of the biggest estates that he could find, thinking I would make him a small house again. I decided to make the biggest gingerbread house I had ever made. It measures 3 feet by 1.5 feet. The look of surprise on his face when he saw it was priceless, and even better when he realized that he’d have to eat all of it on his own.

HAVE to eat it, or GET to eat it? It’s all in the approach, Tamsin. An inexperienced consumer of gingerbread might be tempted to dive right into the candy coated roof or perfectly iced lawn. But this would be a mistake. I trust your father began with the main walls of the structure. Less icing, and slightly more savoury – in other words, the entrée. Next, an experienced ginger consumer would move onto the perfectly formed windows, as they are a palete cleanser, and should always be treated as such. Then, and only then, should the tasty roof and lawn be enjoyed. Of course, a ginger expert like your father would know all of this.

What a lovely – and sizeable – tribute before your departure! Brimming with sugar and love, this sort of display perfectly captures the spirit of all things ginger.

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sarah l’s special holiday in the alps

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Sarah writes:

When I thought about what Gingerbread house I wanted to make, my mind kept going back to where I grew up in a little village in the Alps and I knew I had to recreate what I remembered.  Snowy winters, starry nights and horse drawn sleighs. (No I am not going to break out into Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things” song but you get what I am thinking.)

I loved using candy and baking and creativity to put together the mood of the sweet and cozy Chateau scene.

I also wanted the viewer to know that this Gingerbread house was visited and enjoyed by the sender of the postcard back home to her family.

That photo up there. THAT PHOTO. It is magical. The stars! The ginger mountain peaks! The horse-drawn sleigh! Are those skis in the sleigh? I DIE. Shimmer and shine, sparkle and light! Did you notice the kitties in the window? Waiting for the postman, in all likelihood. (They probably left something special for him in the postbox. *wink*) Look at the movement Sarah captured in the horse’s mane and tail. GAH!! The chocolate piping, rock candy trees, and candy wreaths! Silver white winters that melt into springs! These are a few of my favourite thiiiiiiiings!

(Want more? You can hang out with the always magical Sarah on her website!)

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laura & alissa’s sugar plum’s summer oasis

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Laura and Alissa have recreated Sugar Plum’s summer home, as

… everyone needs a break from bratty children and demanding rodent royalty! 

We like to think that this cozy cottage is tucked away in the hills near the seaside, where the Sugar Plum Fairy can kick back with her tiny martini and forget all about keeping Clara entertained with dancing sweets. She’s joined by her friends Odette (in swan form, because who can be bothered to transform into a woman when your boyfriend can’t tell you apart from your evil twin?) and the Lilac Fairy, who decided a vacation was the best way to avoid Carabosse and her minions (cleaning up after their uninvited mess is sooo exhausting). Together they enjoy long days lounging on the beach, where they can admire the view of the ocean and of Sven the cabana boy, who keeps them all supplied with endless tiny martinis. 

So many ballet references!! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the ballet What I Drank? There’s a young cabana boy (Sven, aka Storm Hammer), a beautiful princess, some binge-drinking and a resort affair gone wrong? Look it up.

This masterpiece of procrastination was originally started for Ginger 2014, finished sometime around Easter 2015, and photographed at least a month after that. As you’re receiving this on December 13th, you can tell that our commitment to procrastination runs deep. Really, really deep. At one point, it was all completely edible (except for the fairies), but the only creatures interested in it now might be some nesting moths and their eggs.

Remember that time I ate moths? Probably best to keep me away from that oasis. That said, I’m a huge fan of procrastination, so this masterpiece really speaks to me. I’ll respond sometime in 2018.

There’s nothing about Sugar Plum’s cottage that I don’t love. Copious quantities of icing? Check. Monogrammed entrance way? Check. Pretzel gazebo and a swan that’s probably pooping all over the yard? Check and check! The colour scheme, shimmering pond, and perfectly manicured walkway – delightful! The teeny-tiny martini is a professional touch, and very much appreciated by yours truly.

This sugary sanctuary is a ballerina’s dream!

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stephanie r’s great wolf lodge (with crumpets and necco wafers)

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

Stephanie writes:

This was supposed to be my tea and crumpet cottage (not that I have any idea what a crumpet is) but it turned into the freaking Great Wolf Lodge. I cannot get that whole scale thing going on.

That’s exactly what happened when I met 2.0. Initially, I thought we were around the same size. Turns out he’s about a foot taller and could easily steamroll me to death.

I’d like to imagine myself inside after all that snow strategically and decoratively fell, eating a big fat ass crumpet and having a little spot of tea. A big spot would be too moist and my roof’s about to cave in anyway from all the Kentucky humidity. Used Necco wafers for the stone. Somebody’s gotta buy all the Necco wafers in the country because no self respecting kid would eat one. They are nasty but they make a mean chimney. Hope I win, I could use a jug of molasses. 

Stephanie mentioned that she’s from Bowling Green, KY, which I assumed was joke. It was not. I wondered if lawn bowling got its start there, but when I Googled it, the answers were super long, and I couldn’t be bothered with reading them. Then I had to look up Necco wafers, because I wasn’t sure what they were, and they don’t look like something I’d want to eat. According to the company’s website:

… during WWII, the U.S. Government requisitioned a major portion of production for American soldiers serving in WWII, as the wafers didn’t melt and rarely broke during transport.

I believe that’s all that needs to be said about Necco wafers.

Now, I’ve never been to a Great Wolf Lodge, but judging from the size of your structure, I believe it could easily house their traditional amenities – water park, spa, and a variety of resort activities for your pack. It is glorious! The sugary snow drifts, tasty landscaping and thoughtful styling? On point. You’d have to line the walls and ceilings with Blueskin or some other sort of moisture barrier, of course. Water parks are very splashy!

What family wouldn’t want to spend a long weekend at a resort like this? Plus, it’s made all the more affordable because your meals are included. (Munch on the building, silly!)

. . .

the gingerbuilders’ elf chalet

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

ginger 2015 // movita beaucoup

The Gingerbuilders write:

No longer inconvenienced by birthing children (last year, Stephanie had her first child, and Erin had twins!!!!), the Gingerbuilders were able to reunite this year for another Sunday of wine, cheese, and gingerbuilding! 

In a collective bargaining win, the elves finally convinced Santa to give them a day off.  So this year’s original 100% edible scene is an Elf Chalet.

The characters and props are hand-molded marshmallow fondant (including the unlucky skier whose feet you can barely see in the tree). The marshmallow jacuzzi elf is sippin’ his cocoa behind the chalet.

We’re so glad to be a part of the competition this year.

Stephanie, Erin and Megan (aka the Gingerbuilders!)

Ah, life meets art. Glorieux! Surrounded by grubby little children, the Gingerbuilders whisper a gingery cry for help. Months of sleepless nights, endless laundry, and rivers of snot? Someone’s in need of a day off. What mother wouldn’t give her right arm to rip off her spaghetti-stained clothes to enjoy some alone time with a set of jacuzzi jets? Skiing? Nice dream. Not possible with children, of course. Not unless you want to spend a day screaming, “Don’t put that in your mouth!” from the top of a mountain. This ginger display perfectly sums the hopes and dreams of every mother: peace on earth with a side of wine and cheese.

That chalet is absolutely gorgeous – the scalloped gable and balcony! The candy walkway, miniature holiday decorations and ideal location next to the perfectly groomed ski hill? YES. I have seen the future, ladies, and the future is bright…

You can hang out with Stephanie, Erin and Megan on their website. Maybe someone should send ’em a gift certificate to the local spa…

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  1. Edward Ely on December 19, 2015 at 10:51 am

    I voted for it because it looks like a real setting in the Alps

    • movita beaucoup on December 19, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      Agreed, Edward! It’s so magical!

  2. evalalonde00 on December 19, 2015 at 11:02 am

    I voted for the elf chalet because it looks just like my chalet in the Laurentians!

    • movita beaucoup on December 19, 2015 at 4:12 pm

      I love an A-frame abode! So lovely – your chalet looks absolutely idyllic!

  3. Liz Berg on December 19, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    SO fun to see that the gingerbread house extravaganza continues! Off to see the rest of the entries.

    • movita beaucoup on December 19, 2015 at 4:13 pm

      Long live Ginger! May it never end!

  4. susan grayson on December 19, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    I’m voting for Sarah’s Gingerbread house in the Alps…!The details are amazing and love the horse…!! Looks truly like a real setting..and I love it…!

    • movita beaucoup on December 19, 2015 at 4:13 pm

      Isn’t it amazing?! The horse! Oh, the horse!

  5. Karen @ Karen's Kitchen Stories on December 19, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    Amazing! P.S. I like Necco wafers =)

    • movita beaucoup on December 21, 2015 at 7:18 am

      Obviously I’m going to need to try them!

  6. WillCookForFriends on December 20, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    More awesome use of necco wafers — YES! Also, if jacuzzi’s were filled with marshmallows, I would be way more into them. Just sayin’.

    • movita beaucoup on December 21, 2015 at 7:20 am

      I’m generally against any sort of tub filled with hot water and multiple users, but you’re right – marshmallows would be an incentive!

  7. Kate Lattta on December 22, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    The Alps one — fantastic!!!

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