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classic pizza dough

classic pizza dough | movita beaucoup

Have you tried making Finnish Pulla yet? Are you still petrified of yeast? Well, let’s take a step back in bread baking. Let’s make some classic pizza dough. This recipe is adapted only slightly from the one we used at baking school. It’s from one of our textbooks, so when using this recipe, imagine that you’re…

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recipe: finnish pulla

finnish pulla | movita beaucoup

We’re going to make Finnish Pulla! Though I’m not Finnish, so I should probably call it Finnish-ish Pulla so the people of Finland won’t complain that I’m doing something inauthentic. And yes, I’m assuming I have a fan-base in Finland. Mr. Kallio told me about this bread. Actually, he hosted a wild holiday party for us (there…

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tools for bread baking

tools for bread baking | movita beaucoup

When I decided to go baking school, I knew nothing about bread, and wasn’t particularly passionate about it. (I mean, it’s not cake.) Still, I enrolled in a baking program with a heavy focus on bread, and spent the better part of 10 months baking thousands of loaves. Why? Because the science and technique behind making bread will make you…

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ridiculously simple banana bread (redux)

ridiculously simple banana bread | movita beaucoup

I hate to brag, but 2.0 and I are almost entirely ready for the holidays. And by that I mean: I’m totally excited to rub our preparedness in your face. For in December, when a great number of you are freaking out and/or crying, we’ll be watching Netflix in our underwear. This year, determined to avoid a…

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blueberry loaf

blueberry loaf | movita beaucoup

. . . The other day, I caught 2.0 trying to plug a mouse into a cd drive. Not a real mouse, bozo. Our wireless computer mouse needed a battery recharge, so I suggested that he use an old-school tailed mouse to get by for a few hours. That’s when I caught him trying to…

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chocolate zucchini bread

chocolate zucchini bread | movita beaucoup

We’ve still got zucchini coming in. Almost every day, 2.0 tells me about how many more zucchini are appearing on the vines in the veggie patch. “Two more,” he’ll yell as he runs into the house. He washes them, sets them on the counter, and then winks. And I don’t want to complain, but people:…

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zucchini bread and/or muffins

the players

This is kind of an unofficial veggie patch update: WE HAVE A MILLION ZUCCHINIS AND MORE COMING BY THE MINUTE. I’m not freaking out or anything. I mean, you all warned me that zucchini is prolific, so I was kind of prepared. And the freezer can probably hold a lot of zucchini bread, right? And…

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marbled chocolate banana bread

Is this breakfast? Because I can’t seem to stop telling you about it. It’s like the… fourth post in a row. I promise the next post will not be breakfast related. It’s just that with another storm headed to these here parts, I thought my Maritime friends might want something tasty and warm coming out…

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emily’s ridiculously simple banana bread

emily's banana bread | movita beaucoup

For some reason, 2.0 and I have been talking a lot about banana bread recently. It’s not the kind of thing that we have conversed about much in the past, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. So, after allowing some bananas to get nice and ripe on the counter, and after banging…

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