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oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies

oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies | movita beaucoup

Ah, spring. A season of renewal and hope. And for some of you, dating. It would seem that winter makes us forget how wretched the courting process is. We get distracted by cold temperatures and tiny daggers falling from the sky. We begin to believe that next winter would be better spent with someone to snuggle.…

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{gently spiced} double chocolate cookies

gently spiced double chocolate cookies | movita beaucoup

The interwebs should mean no more door-to-door anything anymore. Get off my lawn, bozo, I have the interwebs. I’ll look you up if I’m interested. I really resent wearing pants in my own home just because I might have to open my door to pedlars. Also, don’t salespeople watch Dateline Real Life Mysteries? I do. People…

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double chocolate cookies with pecans and caramel

double chocolate cookies with pecans and caramel | movita beaucoup

Remember when people had a sense of humour? Those were the good old days. Have you read this satirical essay? I think it’s a brilliant bit of writing. It made me laugh. Did you read the comments? They’ll make you want to give up on humanity. When did people stop laughing at themselves? When did…

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snowball cookies

snowball cookies | movita beaucoup

. . . How’s about a little baking school update? I’m on a new team – there are four of us. We’re basically the Spice Girls. There have been some oven mitt hive-fives and baking success all round. In the past three weeks we’ve learned to make: pain au levain, pain rustique, pain pugliese, ciabatta,…

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oatmeal chocolate chip cookies {crap no. 2}

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies | movita beaucoup

Sometimes I have so much crap to tell you about that I just wanna explode. It’s hard to work all that stuff into a cohesive post along with a recipe for pheasant under glass. So, here’s some crap I’ve been meaning to tell you about with a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (Because they’re easier…

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orange sugar cookies

orange sugar cookies | movita beaucoup

On Sunday, we had our first snow flurries here. Not many – just enough to make me feel like running around the yard with my tongue hanging out. But since I only run when being chased, I sat on the couch with my coffee surveying the neighbourhood and watching for possible crime. It was positively…

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refrigerator cookies with lemony frosting

refrigerator cookies with lemony frosting

Last week, I went to an orientation for baking school. It was very fun for: me. It was not fun for: 2.0. When I received the invitation for baking school orientation, I was very excited. The invitation for Get Started encouraged me to bring a loved one along. It suggested that I bring my parents and/or…

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killer peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

killer peanut butter chocolate chip cookies | movita beaucoup

Remember when peanuts didn’t kill people? I do. Because I could eat a peanut butter sandwich at work. But not now. Nope. Because I work with kids. And kids are different nowadays. They have allergies. And asthma. And environmental sensitivities. I’m not blaming the little crappers. I get that aliens have injected everything we eat…

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sugar cookies and a sort of love letter

Dear 2.0, I love you. I love you right hard like. I love you in a way that squeezes you tight and refuses to let go. Even if you squirm a lot. And you might, on occasion, wonder how you landed this here piece of awesome. But guess what? You’re kind of awesome too. For…

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chocolate cake cookies

Guess who’s only just starting to feel less sick? Guess who hasn’t finished her shopping, baking, and wrapping? Guess who doesn’t have a Christmas tree yet? Hasn’t constructed her gingerbread house? Guess who’s freaking out?  I haven’t cancelled a single class at work, which has been quite a feat, but everything else has been put…

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