The final set of pumpkin masterpieces! I like to call this grouping Keep It Together, Sister. Cast your vote at the bottom of the post to help determine the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice Prize!

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laura’s magical explosion/tree/ghost thing

laura's pumpkin |

laura's pumpkin |

Laura writes:

As you know, the art of craptastic pumpkin carving starts with choosing the perfect pumpkin, so I didn’t. One was purchased for me, with a giant bruise on the flattest, easiest to carve surface, and a stalk that was snapped off while removing it from the car.

Yup. That’s sounds about right. Also, it sounds like every apple I’ve ever purchased.

With my less than stellar carving skills at the ready, I set out to turn my imperfect pumpkin into a witch stirring her cauldron with a staff. Then I cut the side of the cauldron in half and the witch nearly lost her arm. As a result the staff has become some kind of magical explosion/tree/ghost thing (you decide) and parts of this pumpkin are being held together by hot glue and sewing pins. It may not live to see Halloween, but at least there will be photos!

You may remember Laura from Bake My Cake 2014 or Ginger 2012. Laura has created one of several pumpkins in this year’s competition that will not be on display this evening. Which is a shame, because that pumpkin is AWESOME. The stars, the moon, the cat – perfection! Most impressive is the witch – hunched over her cauldron, wondering why her partner didn’t start dinner even though he got home two hours before her. A pile of laundry awaits in the basement and no one has scooped the cat litter, but sure, she can feed everyone before tackling those chores. Why are there crumbs on the counter? Are those the crumbs from THIS MORNING? Are your arms broken? No? So who will wipe that counter? The witch, that’s who.

Actually, this pumpkin makes me feel way better about my own circumstances. Thanks, Laura.

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shannon’s starbucks shoutout

shannon's pumpkin |

shannon's pumpkin |

Shannon writes:

Seriously didn’t think i was going to get this done, but for you? I made an effort. Sadly I had to give up working out for the day… a sacrifice, to be sure.

So, I’m a white girl who carved a literal pumpkin pie spice latte into a pumpkin while wearing yoga pants in late October. If you’ll excuse me, I must go throw this outside on my porch in the 57˚F weather and tell all my neighbors all the things I love about fall now. 

You may remember Shannon from every other competition I’ve ever hosted. She won Bake My Cake 2014. And now, high on victory, she’s back. Like Miley Cyrus, she won’t quit. And, like many women in North America, Shannon can’t do it all. She had to give up a day of work to enter this competition. A day of work where she is probably earning less than the dude sitting in the windowless cubicle next to hers, even though they are doing the exact same job. And she’s raising a kid, which is a full-time job, but no one pays her for that. So yah, she has an occasional pumpkin pie spice latte. SHE DESERVES IT. And sure, she fakes Fall Enthusiasm for her neighbours. Because she has to. Society has made it so.

I’m sorry, what? She said working out? She had to give up working out for the day?

Well, I really like the pie-spice jar-coffee cup motif on that pumpkin.

{Shannon blogs here. Go hang out with her. She deserves it.}

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tammie’s house of lies

tammie's pumpkin |

Tammie writes:

I promised you a craptastic pumpkin, and then forgot about it for the rest of the month. I felt kind of bad about it (not really for you, but for my 4 kids who were missing out on one of childhood’s joys) Then I thought about carving pumpkins with my 4 kids, and decided to drink wine instead. So, I carved one today while they were at school. Don’t worry, I’ll let them decorate some with foam faces and no knives, so it’s all good. And I got rid of all the evidence so I don’t have to roast those “delicious” pumpkin seeds, that no one ever wants to eat after I do all that work. So, back to my pumpkin. After shoving those eyeballs in there, I heard a crack. Yeah, it broke. It’s hanging in there thanks to some toothpicks, the duct tape of the kitchen. Can I get extra points for using multiple gourds?

You may remember Tammie from Ginger 2012, or from Bake My Cake 2012 (when she let her kids LICK MY CAKE). Tammie’s entry speaks to the hardships of motherhood. How IS a woman supposed to carve a pumpkin (drunk) with four children tugging at her? Isn’t it enough that she actually remembered to register those little crappers for school this year? Roast your pumpkin seeds? Sure. Tammie will roast those pumpkin seeds right after you find the tupperware container that you took to school last week and neglected to return. Right after she fishes your retainer out of the garbage. Right after she washes your dirty gitch and pulls your socks out from under the bed.

At least she got a photo of that awesome pumpkin before the kids wreck it with foam and permanent markers.

{Tammie blogs here. Check it out!}

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cherrill’s pumpkin of procrastination

cherrill's pumpkin |

cherrill's pumpkin |

Cherrill included a checklist with her entry:

Lacklustre photography? Check.
Use of power tools? Check. (drill)
Use of unconventional kitchenware? Check. (tupperware orange peeler)
Did participant manage to stab self at any point in the carving process? Check. (minor, no bandaid required)
Did participant carefully stage the photo? I think the two extra tea lights speak for themselves.
Procrastinate until the very last day? Big check.

This pumpkin is golden. Look at that thing! It has a Dia de Meurtos thing going on, don’t you think? And yet another busy woman takes a stab at pumpkin fame. Cherrill, in all likelihood, had to wait until the last minute to carve this pumpkin because she was busy doing what so many North Americans are doing: watching reality tv. It’s not easy to keep up with the Kardashians. Nope. Not after surviving a long day at work. It’s not like some hunky bachelor is waiting at home with dinner prepared for her. No, Cherrill is like most real housewives. Cherrill has to do it herself. For all I know, Cherrill has 8, maybe 19 kids at home. And still she managed to carve that badass skull into a gourd. Nicely done, Cherrill. Nicely done.

{Cherrill doesn’t have a blog, but she tumbles here. She’s arty!}

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  1. shannon on October 31, 2014 at 9:27 am

    oh god, i’m in the procrastination group. ALWAYS IN THE PROCRASTINATION GROUP.

  2. ibreatheimhungry on October 31, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Exciting as always! Lots of great entries – I don’t envy the judging panel their task determining the winners this year!

  3. Marj on October 31, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    A lovely bunch of carved pumpkins!

  4. Karen @ Karen's Kitchen Stories on November 1, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Dang. I procrastinated on voting for the procrastination group.

  5. Marlene Cornelis on November 1, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Well, here I am, hours too late to vote! But feeling mighty entertained by the whole pumpkin carve off thing. I’ll try to buy a clock before next year’s competition!

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