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crap no. 12

Welcome to Crap I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You About, 12th Edition. This edition features photos of the gingerbread house I made last year. Ebony was sick over the 2013 holiday season, so I didn’t get around to finishing my gingerbread house until April. So, though you could think of its completion as four months late, you […]

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ginger 2014 | movita beaucoup's annual gingerbread competition

ginger 2014

It’s time! Competitive gingering at its best/worst! Here’s how this year’s competition is gunna go down. When you send in your Ginger 2014 entries, a team of highly trained ginger professionals (2.0 and I) will group your masterpieces according to crappiness/awesomeness. Gingerbread savants will battle other savants in their online grouping. Ginger creations that look like they were slapped together by well-intentioned narwhals? Well, […]

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the roommate | movita

tenant bulletin no. 1

After an unsuccessful eviction attempt, we are adjusting to life with our uninvited guest. Our new roommate has worked her way into most of our daily rituals, making it clear that she has no intention of leaving anytime soon. Of course, adjustments have been required on both sides. She’s taken to some suggestions more kindly than others. .

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