classic pizza dough | movita beaucoup

classic pizza dough

Have you tried making Finnish Pulla yet? Are you still petrified of yeast? Well, let’s take a step back in bread baking. Let’s make some classic pizza dough. This recipe is adapted only slightly from the one we used at baking school. It’s from one of our textbooks, so when using this recipe, imagine that you’re […]

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i love you with all my butt | movita beaucoup

on love and acceptance

I knew 2.0 was the guy for me the very first time we met. And when, on our second date, I drooled on my pants and he didn’t bat an eye, I was quite sure he liked me too. But I knew he loved me when he didn’t break up with me after I sleep farted on his […]

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faux meringues | movita beaucoup | made with only one egg white!

faux meringues {one egg white}

This is a recipe Rosie Beaucoup introduced me to many years ago. I believe the original came from an ancient Canadian Living magazine, but I’ve altered the notes and method considerably. Growing up, I ate many a meringue made with this method, and even requested them as a part of my prom night dinner (which Rosie catered). I wore […]

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crap | movita beaucoup

crap no. 13

Welcome to Crap I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You About, 13th Edition. Know what makes me super uncomfortable? People trying to look cool whilst dancing at weddings in their dress up clothes. Can we put an end to this? Regrettably true story: I was well into university before I found out that seahorses actually exist (thanks, […]

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freezing cakes | movita beaucoup

on freezing cakes

When I’m making a cake for someone, I always bake the cake a day or two ahead of time and freeze it. ALWAYS. It’s a great way to be more efficient on decorating day, and I find a little freezer time gives tender cakes stability and makes them easier to handle when decorating. I don’t frost or decorate my […]

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