to die for blueberry muffins

Things are finally settling down here at the Cat Farm, so to mark the occasion, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. I threw some huge organic blueberries into our grocery cart last night, thinking we could have them with yogurt and bran buds (make fibre your friend), but woke craving something warm from the oven. […]

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disaster zone: goodbye mr. saunders

One of the lovely things about being a house for 2.3 (two humans, three cats) is that one can turn an upstairs bedroom into a craft room. If we had children, some scruffy kid would be in my craft room screwin’ the place up. It is obvious that the previous owners of our home did not possess […]

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salmon cheddapenne

salmon cheddaroni

Sure it’s spring. But our temperatures here have been swinging by 15 to 20 degrees daily. Last weekend we had sunny beach weather. This weekend there was snow on the ground. So, winter food was required. 2.0 likes this casserole even though he says he’s not a big fan of salmon. Now, when he says things […]

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