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movita: Guess what? 2.0: What? movita: I got a really nice email from a woman today, and she told me that she loves my blog. It was kinda like a fan letter. I have a fan! 2.0: Wow! That’s nice. Was it your new friend from England? movita: No. Wait! I have two fans! This must be how […]

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more from ironwood farm

Here are a few more pictures from my visit to Ironwood Farm. It’s been so busy lately that I’ve been thinking about running away to the farm. I bet they’ll have peaches and pears soon – yum! . . . This is the old goat house. There are no goats in there now, but it […]

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ironwood farm

. . . This past weekend, 2.0 and I made a wee trek to Ironwood Farm. The weather was spectacular, and we were super excited to finally visit Heatherjay in her natural habitat. She has settled there with her partner, Rupert Jannasch (herein, Rupertjay). They are awesome. No lie. You can find the farm at the mouth […]

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chicken sauterne

2.0 and I are getting ready. Ready for when I go back to work in September. It’s kind of like getting ready for… Armageddon. Last night I froze big containers of spaghetti sauce. This evening, I made a big pot of chicken sauterne. The leftovers will go into the freezer. I work nights and weekends. […]

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