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blueberry grunt

Whenever I make blueberry grunt, I think of my brother, Adopamop. Mostly because when we were kids we would replace the word “grunt” with an actual grunt. This was endlessly entertaining. (For us.) Sweet, juicy blueberries combined with soft dumplings. If lovin’ this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Blueberries are available at our local […]

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full of beans

Um, I hate green beans. Seriously hate them. Always have. I hate their slightly furry exterior, I hate their taste, and I hate their long, pointy ends. Or perhaps I should say: hated. I made green beans last night. I figured that at my age I should just get over it. Stop being a hater. Because […]

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movita’s pasta sauce

. . . After the construction of our pallet table yesterday, we were very hungry. I didn’t really do anything to help build the table, but watching someone else work can be exhausting. I decided to whip up a batch of my almost famous pasta sauce for 2.0, hoping he would think I had been very […]

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taco salad

A couple of weeks ago, Rosie Beaucoup made taco salad for 2.0. He fell in love with it. It was a whole, new and exciting taste delight for him. And he couldn’t figure out how she’d come up with such an amazing idea. It was hard to resist pointing out that taco salad has been around […]

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ribbon dispenser

No. The craft room isn’t done yet. It is almost done. I have a dresser to paint. That’s the last big project. So, to tide you over until I’m ready for the big reveal*, I thought I’d mention that 2.0 created a ribbon dispenser for me. Particularly sweet when you consider that I’m not sure he knows […]

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